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"Our tank is big enough to become a shield, right? Wanna go?"
Alina is a supporting Characters in Girls und Panzer, Girls und Panzer der Film, Motto Love Love Sakusen Desu!, and Girls und Panzer: Ribbon Warrior.


Alina is one of the loaders of the KV-2 tank alongside Nina. She is also the Vice-Commander of the Katyusha Volunteer Army, the Tankathalon branch of Pravda, where she commands a T-70.

Pravda vs. Ooarai

Alina is not seen in the anime, but rather the OVA. While Nina was clearing the outside of the tank, Alina was inside the tank on standby. As such, she was not physically present when Yukari Akiyama and Erwin posed as Pravda students and tricked Nina into revealing Pravda's plans. As they left, she popped out of the tank, and asked Nina who the people leaving were, with Nina responding that they were their seniors in the team.

Der Film

Katyusha Volunteer Army

Alina KVA Commander

Alina, leading her platoon of T-70s against Bonple.

During the Ribbon Warrior Arc, Alina was appointed as the commander of the Katyusha Volunteer Army alongside Nina. During this appointment, she was told that if she failed to win, she would be, "deported to Siberia until her graduation" per Katyusha's words. Her first battle was against Bonple High School commanded by Jajka. During their first face to face encounter with Yaika, Alina and Nina were terrified of the enemy commander's imposing demeanor. After Jajka called Katyusha a child, the latter ordered the KVA to, "totally murder and massacre them."

Unbeknownst to the bystanders as well as Bonple High, the KVA had not just one platoon of 16 T-79 tanks, but two platoons: for a total of 32 T-70 tanks, 16 were led by Nina in a headlong advance against Jajka's forces while the remaining 16 were led by Alina, flanking and maneuvering to envelop the enemy. They were able to launch their operation and annihilate many of the Bonple tanks caught in the double envelopment, however they were unable to detect and prevent six Bonple tanks from sneaking through the envelopment and launching a successful decapitation strike against Nina's flag tank. As such, despite following Katyusha's doctrine, Nina and Alina's first tankathalon match resulted in a loss.


Alina is a rather short girl (Same height as Nina) with short brown hair and pair of brown eyes. She wear a standard Pravda's uniform.



  • There are two loaders for the KV-2 as the powder and propellant for the shells are stored seperately. It takes an immense amount of strength and time simply to reload the tank, therefore the addition of an extra loader.
  • As with most of the Pravda team, she speaks in a Tohoku dialect.


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