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"All tanks! Follow Anglerfish!"
―Miho Nishizumi
Anglerfish Team (あんこうチーム Ankō Chīmu) is one of the teams of Ooarai Girls High School's Sensha-Dō team, commanded by Miho Nishizumi, operates the Panzer IV and the main protagonists' team in Girls und Panzer.


The Anglerfish team consists of second year students from Ooarai Girls High School. The team operates a German Panzer IV. They first found the Panzer IV Ausf.D inside their school's workshop in abandoned state. They never repaint it but they bought some stuff for its interior such as fusions and mirrors.

About Panzer IV

The Panzer IV is a German medium tank with a 7.5cm gun. Earlier models like the Ausf.D have the short 7.5cm KwK 37 gun. Later models like the Ausf.F2 and Ausf.H have the longer 7.5cm KwK 40. From Ausf.G to Ausf.J are fitted with skirt armor or "Schürzen".

Against St. Gloriana

During the exhibition match against St. Gloriana Girls High School, the Anglerfish Team have manage to hit three of the four of St. Gloriana's Matilda tanks shooting at close range before being hit by the St. Gloriana's Churchill tanks commanded by Darjeeling.

Sensha-Dō Competition

Before the Sensha-Dō competition, the Anglerfish Team have added an image of an anglerfish on its turret and maintenaid the original paint scheme, as unlike the other teams, they didn't had it customized.

Against Saunders

During the first round match against Saunders Girls High School, the Anglerfish Team together with the Duck Team have manage to rendezvous with the Rabbit Team which are having trouble with the Saunders' vanguard. After that Miho saw a radio intercepting balloon belongs to Saunders and did some counter measures. Miho ordered the Duck Team to lure the Saunders' vanguard to the Ooarai's tank position for an ambush and they manage to lure two Saunders M4 Sherman tanks and they hit one of them, the Rabbit Team almost hit the remaining Saunders' tank and escaped. Later in the match the Anglerfish Team have manage to take out the Saunders' flag tank commanded by Alisa before being hit by Saunders' Sherman Firefly commanded by Naomi and Ooarai have won the match.

Against Pravda

During the semi-final round match against Pravda Girls High School, the Anglerfish Team is to hunt the Pravda's flag tank. Prior to the match the Anglerfish team have manage to convert their Panzer IV Ausf.D into Ausf.F2 wth the help of the automotive club. The Pravda have almost succeeded luring the Ooarai tanks into an ambush that forced Ooarai to hide on a large building to recuperate and plan their next move. After recuperating Turtle Team  led the attack against Pravda's vanguard, while Anglerfish Team and the Hippo Team chased Pravda's flag tank. Along the way they encountered a Pravda KV-2 but was easily hit in it's weak spots by both the Anglerfish Team and the Hippo Team. Later, the Pravda flag tank was lured into a trap and taken out by the entrenched and hidden Hippo Team. 

Against Kuromorimine

Prior to the final match against Kuromorimine Girls High School, the Anglerfish Team have converted their Panzer IV Ausf.F2 into a Ausf.H to increase their fighting and survival chance against Kuromorimine. During the final round match against Kuromorimine Girls High School, the Ooarai have managed to survive the ambush by Kuromorimine and they gather on top of a hill and have a battle. After that, the Anglerfish Team, together with the surviving tanks of Ooarai was lured by a lone Panzer III Ausf.J of Kuromorimine into a trap set by a super heavy tank Maus into the city. The Anglerfish Team and the rest of Ooarai's tanks have managed to take out the Maus by hitting it's vent while the Duck Team blocked the Maus' turret and the Turtle Team immobilized it just in time before the Kuromorimine's vanguard arrived inside the city. When the Kuromorimine's vanguard arrived at the city, the Anglerfish Team have managed to lure the Kuromorimine's flag tank commanded by Maho Nishizumi into a closed building complex for a one-on-one match with the help of the Leopon Team which acts as a rear guard. In the end of the match, Ooarai's Anglerfish Team have manage to take out and they won the match and the championship.

Against St. Gloriana - Pravda Compound Team

During the exhibition match to celebrate the glorious end for Ooarai in the 63rd Sensha-Dō Tournament, the Anglerfish Team acted as the flag tank in the exhibition match. After retreating into the town, they were able to lure the St. Gloriana and Pravda joint force into an ambush at the defensive OY-line, and hence shake off the enemy pursuit.

Anglerfish Team then engaged in mobile warfare with St. Gloriana cruiser tanks that had flanked around. Miho's superior tactics allowed the Panzer IV to immobilize three out of the four Crusader Mk.III tanks, prompting Rosehip to beat a hasty retreat.

After Pravda's heavy tanks broke through the OY-line, Katyusha and Nonna joined the chase in the T-34-85 and IS-2 respectively. Anglerfish Team made use of terrain advantages and superior driving to lead the Pravda tanks on a fruitless chase whilst the other Ooarai Teams attacked the rest of the thinly spread St. Gloriana and Pravda tanks. Once Darjeeling's Churchill Mk.VII was located, Anglerfish Team regrouped with the other Ooarai tanks and chased it along the beach, straight into a Pravda ambush.

Anglerfish Team braved the ambush, exploiting a reloading gap to close the distance with the St. Gloriana flag tank and use it as risky cover from the fire of other opposition tanks. Anglerfish Team was able to make a shot at the Churchill Mk.VII, but was foiled when Katyusha placed her own tank in the way to take the shot as sacrifice, allowing Assam to land a match-winning shot on Anglerfish Team.

Against Selection University

In the annihilation match between the Ooarai Compound and Selection University to decide whether or not Ooarai Girls High School would be closed, Miho was the overall commanding officer of the entire Ooarai Compound Team, as the match started, every school's overall commander gathered in a tent for a strategy meeting, being decided that the Anglerfish Team would be part of Dandelion Company, of which Miho also assumed local command. After an extended yet stalemated shootout across the wetlands, Anglerfish Team disengaged along with the rest of the Ooarai Compound Team following the elimination of the Selection University artillery.

Retreating into the theme park, Anglerfish Team parked their tank on a vantage point in the central plaza and took on a command and coordination role in concert with the girls from Anzio. They rejoined the battle when it became clear that the eastern utility gate team was on the verge of being surrounded. Although they were not directly able to assist with breaking the encirclement, once Ooarai tanks forced a breach, they were able to suppress the Selection University tanks within the amphitheater whilst the main force broke contact.

Deploying according to Plan F, Anglerfish Team joined Turtle Team and created an engagement with three Pershings and two Chaffees lead by Rumi in a large maze of hedges, where they used the vantage point offered by Anzio's CV-33 to outmaneuver the Selection University tanks, Anglerfish Team accounting for one Pershing within the maze and luring another in front of the gun of the Hetzer. Both tanks were subsequently able to escape the maze without being pinned down.

As the battle reached its climax and Alice Shimada's Centurion went into action killing most of the remaining Ooarai tanks, Anglerfish Team regrouped with Maho Nishizumi's Pzkpfw.VI Tiger for a joint attack on the Sensha-Dou prodigy. Facing off against Alice, Azumi and Megumi in the central plaza, Anglerfish Team defeated Azumi with an ambush and momentarily pinned down Alice whilst Maho defeated Megumi. The two Nishizumi sisters then coordinated their efforts in a challenging showdown against Alice's Centurion Mk.I. After a prolonged fight during which the plaza is devastated and Anglerfish Team narrowly escapes the jaws of defeat, Miho commits into an all-or-nothing plan where Maho's Tiger I fires a blank shell into the rear of the Panzer IV, propelling Anglerfish Team towards the Centurion Mk.I to plant a shot in at point blank range, resulting in the immobilization of both tanks.


The Anglerfish Team is consists of five second year students from Ooarai Girls High School.
Ankou-san Chimu

Miho Nishizumi

Main Article: Miho Nishizumi.

The tank commander of the team, served as Loader during the very beginning.

Saori Takebe

Main Article: Saori Takebe.

The radio operator of the team, served as commander during the very beginning. 

Hana Isuzu

Main Article: Hana Isuzu.

The gunner of the team, served as driver during the very beginning. 

Yukari Akiyama

Main Article: Yukari Akiyama.

The loader of the team, served as gunner during the very beginning. 

Mako Reizei

Main Article: Mako Reizei.

The driver of the team.


  • Prior to the name Anglerfish Team, the Pz IV crew was designated as "Team A" in the training match against St Gloriana.
  • The Anglerfish Team are implied to be the only ones to have decorated the interior of their tank. They were also the only team not to over-decorate their tank's exterior.
  • Anglerfish Team use their tank in a commercial setting, using it as standard transport e.g. to go to school
  • The members of Anglerfish Team have their emblem stitched onto the back of their team uniforms.
  • Out of the Ooarai teams shown, Anglerfish Team immobilised the highest number of enemy tanks throughout the course of the 63rd Sensha-Dou Tournament (at least 7).
  • Anglerfish Team also had the highest number of kills out of the Ooarai Compound Team tanks during the annihilation match against selection university (3).
  • Their tank, Panzer IV Anko SP, is featured in mobile online game World of Tanks Blitz as a Tier 5 Medium Tank.


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