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Anzio Girls High School (アンツィオ高校) is one of the schools in Girls und Panzer. The school operates Italian World War Two tanks, such as the Carro Veloce CV.33, Semovente da 75/18, M13/40 and a single Carro Armato P40. Whilst recognised as a major participant in Sensha-dō, Anzio is most famous for its pasta.


Anzio is a school based in Tochigi, Japan. It is a relatively small school compared to the other main tanking academies. In the sixth OVA, it is revealed that Anzio is quite poor, as all they can give to Ooarai as a victory gift is canned anchovies that were bought on sale. In the Anzio OVA it is shown that most Anzio clubs have food selling booths, which help offset the school's poverty.

Their financial problems are to a degree self-inflicted due to Anzio's students being impulsive and far from frugal, along with portions of the school budget allocated towards designated snack times and personal spending. It is explicitly stated that in order to buy a Carro Armato P40, they had to economise for a not insignificant period of time. When in need of yet more funding, Anzio is known to actively engage in Tankathlon.

Anzio's culture is prone towards festivities and feasts. Although the school maintains a thriving Sensha-dō club, Anzio is unique in that the club will regularly throw extravagant post-match parties to thank all participants and officials, regardless of the outcome of the match. It is suggested that an equal (if not greater) amount of effort goes into the post-match celebrations as into the match itself.

It is notable that Anzio is a private institute, founded by an Italian to promote Italian culture in Japan. This is in contrast to the majority of the other schools, although some may be in a similar situation (as seems the case with Maginot).


Anzio's standard uniform consists of a white collared shirt with a black skirt, tie and beret. The school commander also wears a long black mantle. Their Sensha-dō uniform imitates the grey and green uniforms of the Italian Special Forces of WWI, complete with high black boots, dark green coats and trousers, and a red armband for the commanding officer.


Given that the bulk of its forces is made up of either tankettes and/or weak M13/40s, supported by just a handful of tanks armed with 75 mm guns, Anzio tends to rely on baiting and ambush tactics, trying to capitalize on its tankettes' mobility to throw the opponent off-guard and strike its flag tank with the heavier vehicles. They are also shown to make use of deception to influence the movements of their opponents.

The impulsive nature of the Anzio girls results in aggressive strategy that is unreliable for standoffs or holding defensive positions. When attacking, Anzio generally try to achieve local numerical superiority around their targets, striking at isolated vehicles from multiple directions if possible. Despite formulating impressive strategies on paper, the Anzio commanders frequently make compromising mistakes in the heat of battle, and rarely have a backup plan.


Against Maginot

Main article: Anzio Girls High School vs. Maginot Girls' Academy

It was the second opponent of Ooarai Girls High School during the National Sensha-dō Tournament. It is inferred from on-screen information that in the first round it defeated Maginot Girls' Academy, albeit with some difficulty.

Against Ooarai

In the Anime

Main article: Episode 7

The match between Anzio and Ooarai is largely skipped in the original screening of the anime adaptation. Only the final moments are shown, including a shot of Anchovy collapsing on her defeated tank. It is therefore assumed that the battle was an easy victory for Ooarai.

In the Manga

In the manga, the match is completely shown at the expense of the one against Saunders. It is also shown as a far more hard-fought battle than the one suggested by the anime. 

Anchovy proves that she is a competent leader by sending a vanguard made up by the L3/33 and some Fiat M13/40 to slow Ooarai down, thus allowing her main force to occupy the vantage point atop the central ridge overlooking the battlefield. When the Ooarai tanks reached the ridge, Anzio sprung the ambush, knocking out Rabbit Team with Anchovy's own Carro Armato P40, and pinning Ooarai down, although not without taking losses of their own. To break the stalemate, Miho had Anglerfish Team and Turtle Team flank Anzio. The tactic required the rest of the Ooarai tanks to hold their ground, which they managed to do, albeit barely - Anzio's fire knocked out Duck Team and damaged the tracks and turret ring of the Char B1 bis. Just when the remaining Anzio tanks were about to target Hippo Team, Ooarai's flag tank, Anglerfish Team and Turtle Team appeared to their rear and took out all of them.

In the Anzio OVA

Main article: Anzio OVA

Before the match, it is revealed that Anzio had finally obtained, through extensive economising and the prolonged sacrifice of their snack budget, a 'secret weapon' in order to take on the Nsihizumi-led Ooarai. Yukari Akiyama infiltrated Anzio prior to the match, where she discovered (thanks in part to Pepperoni's blunder) that the secret weapon was a Carro Armato P40.

For the match, Anzio fielded one Carro Armato P26/40 (flag tank), three Semoventi da 75/18 and six Carri Veloci CV.33. Their plan was to use wooden decoys to stall Ooarai at a major crossroads, and then surround and destroy them from three directions. However, the plan went awry (again thanks to Pepperoni's carelessness); the tankettes were spotted and followed by Duck Team, two Semoventi were led away by Rabbit team, while Anchovy's main force soon meets that of Ooarai. While Carpaccio's Semovente engaged Hippo Team on a one-on-one duel, Anchovy was forced to run from Anglerfish and Turtle Teams. When she learnt that her tankettes had been almost annihilated, she ordered everyone to converge to her position in an attempt to get Ooarai's flag tank; however, she soon found herself being lured into a trap of Ooarai's devising, with Turtle Team leading her right towards Anglerfish Team. As Anzio's remaining tanks arrived just in time to be taken out, the P40 was hit by Miho's Panzer IV, thereby resulting in victory for Ooarai.

After the match, Anchovy displayed Anzio's carefree attitude by providing a lavish party, and promising to support Ooarai in the following stages of the Tournament. However, on the day of the Finals, due in part to her insistence on getting there early, the whole school slept right through the match.

In the Film

Main article: Girls und Panzer der Film

After the news of Ooarai's decommission and the reincarnation match against Selection University's team had been released to the public, Darjeeling sent a message to every high school's Sensha-dō club about joining forces to support Ooarai. Anchovy received Darjeeling's invitation and agreed to lend her assistance. The P40 had been recently damaged in an exchange program and was therefore unavailable, so Anzio instead committed a CV.33 to serve as a dedicated scout. All three members - Anchovy, Carpaccio and Pepperoni - were squeezed into the same two-man tankette; with still other enthusiastic Anzio students having allegedly been left behind. The CV.33 arrived at the rendezvous just in time, where it was assigned to Team Dandelion.

In the middle of battle, Anchovy, Turtle Team, Duck Team and Jatkosota's BT-42 formed the Acorn Platoon. The platoon infiltrated behind enemy lines and worked together to disable the Karl-Gerät 040. The first attack was conducted by Anzio's CV.33, Duck Team threw CV.33 from Type 89B's back to let them shoot at Karl's chamber. However, they failed thanks to some poor shooting and the low calibre of their machine guns. The CV.33 ended up flipped upside down on top of the bridge. Eventually motivated by Anzu's offer of dried sweet potato pasta, the Anzio team sped up their tracks and acted as a powered ramp that boosted the Hetzer up into the air. From there the Hetzer fired down the gun barrel of the Karl-Gerät 040 and removed it from the match.

In the last phase of the battle in the theme park, Miho assigned Anchovy to a role of reconnaissance and coordination. They positioned their tankette in an overwatch position on top of the roller coaster rails. However, they were spotted by Rumi from the university team and were chased along the tracks by M24 Chaffee tanks. The CV.33 was almost boxed in from both sides, but at the last moment Rabbit Team came to the rescue and immobilised both Chaffees.

In the latter stages of the battle, Anzio linked up with Mallard Team to engage a Pershing holding the rearguard. Anzio used the small size of their tank to sneak into the Pershing's blind spot, prompting the Pershing's crew to attempt to crush them. Anzio then used the light weight and high speed of the CV.33 to "skip" across the surface of a pool. The fast-moving (and much heavier) Pershing narrowly braked in time, but Mallard Team ambushed them from behind, sending them into the drink. Seconds later however, Anzio's tank was immobilised by a direct hit from Alice's Centurion.


Girls of Anzio
Anzio Girls High School has four characters of note.


Main article: Anchovy

Her real name is Chiyomi Anzai. Her hometown is Toyota city, Aichi Prefecture. The overall commander of the Anzio Girls High School Sensha-dō Team, called by her team "Duce" ("commander" in Italian), possibly an allusion to the self-appointed title of Benito Mussolini , the Italian dictator. In the manga, she is arrogant and hot-blooded, but she only desires victory for her team. In the OVA, while still competitive, hot-blooded and a little bit too self-assured, she is much more relaxed and polite, as well as a graceful loser.


Main article: Carpaccio

Hailing from Tsukuba city, Ibaraki Prefecture. One of the vice-commanders of Anzio, subordinate to Anchovy. She wasn't shown in the anime, but she has appeared in the manga and in the OVA. She usually commands a Semovente, where she acts as the loader. She is a quiet, kind girl loyal to her commander. She's also childhood friends with Caesar from Hippo team.


Main article: Pepperoni

Her hometown is Mashiko town, Tochigi Prefecture. The other vice-commander of Anzio; she also takes the role of driver in the film. She didn't appear in the anime or in the manga, but she appeared in the OVA. Extroverted and cheerful, she is the natural leader of the fast and nimble tankettes, but her carelesness sometimes can get her team into trouble. She affectionately refers to Anchovy as "big sis".


Main article: Siko

Pepperoni's CV.33 Driver, nicknamed "Siko" by fans due to her way of responding to Pepperoni's commands (Si = Yes in Italian).

Vehicles operated

Anzio Tanks

Anzio's tanks in the original manga


Non-fighting vehicles

Theme Music


  • Its name comes from the city of Anzio in Italy, site of a famous battle of the Italian Theater of World War II (which saw, however, relatively little participation of Italian troops on both sides).
  • Its logo is a pizza with asparagus and brown olive toppings.
  • Anzio has a replica of the Colosseum on their school ship, in its present-day state of ruin.
  • Only the outcome of the match between Anzio and Ooarai is shown in the anime, which suggests that Ooarai defeated Anzio easily. However, in the manga adaptation, it is shown that the match was just about as intense as Ooarai's other matches. This was somewhat confirmed in the OVA, where the match was shown to be a tough, fast-paced battle that nonetheless ended with a convincing win for Ooarai.
  • Despite being poor and having to use bad-to-mediocre tanks, Anzio still managed to proceed to the second round of the Tournament by defeating Maginot Girls' College, while the much better equipped Saunders Girls High School lost on the first turn. Anzio has supposedly been long attempting to reach the final four.
  • All the named members of Anzio have names related to Italian foods (or at least food with Italian origins).
  • Anzio's Sensha-dō operations are frequently named after food (Macaroni, Rottura) or after mathematical stationary (Protractor, T-Square).
  • Anzio students conduct their business in lira, an outdated Italian currency.
  • Keeping with the rather stereotypical set of the foreign-themed academies, the Anzio girls are depicted as rather carefree and food-loving (much to Anchovy's own displeasure), yet capable of making the most of their subpar equipment.
  • Anzio's battle songs are Funculì, Funiculà, a famous Neapolitan song and Fiamme Nere, the battle march of the Italian Arditi military corps.
  • Their school ship is based on and named after the Aquila, a never completed aircraft carrier of the Italian Regia Marina in World War II.
  • Anzio school is the only school that has once fought Ooarai but has never been shown in the opening; however, it was shown in the credits of the OVA.
  • In the anime, Anzio is the only school to lose 100% of its tanks to Ooarai during their tournament match.
  • According to supplementary material, many of Anzio's tanks are trapped in a state of disrepair, as the school lacks the funds to repair battle damage.
    • This is cited as the reason for which Anzio did not bring its P26/40 when it joined the Ooarai Compound Team in the events of the film, instead squeezing three people into a two-man tankette.
  • All officially named members' birthdates hold significance for Italy during WWII.


Main article: Gallery


  • Carro Armato Pesante 40
  • Semovente da 75/18
  • Carro Veloce L33
  • M13/40
  • CV 33 with Solothurn S-18-1000

Non-Fighting Vehicles

  • Fiat-SPA AS42 Sahariana
  • Fiat-SPA 38R
  • From left to right; Fiat-SPA TL.37, TM40 & Dovunque 41
  • Lancia Aprilia Coloniale


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