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Asparagus is a tank commander featured in Girls Und Panzer: Ribbon Warrior.


Asparagus attends the Free French-themed BC Freedom High School. She seems to be the overall commander of BC Freedom High School.


As she appears until now in shadows little is known about her appearance.


  • The name Asparagus might be based on the nickname given to Free French leader, Charles de Gaulle, la Grande Asperge or "the Great Asparagus".
    • Fun fact: de Gaulle has a history of nicknames related to his extreme height (196cm or 6'5). Among the nicknames are: "le grand Charles"
  • "Asparagus" is a kind of green vegetable.
  • Asparagus's distinctive uniform is based on the uniform of the Maréchal de France (Marshal of France) at least for the cap and the Marshal's baton. This is why it's hinted that she is the head of the school because of this high military distinction.
  • Her catchphrase is "zamasu".


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