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"According to the data, it's weak spot is right there."
"We did it. Assam's doctrine on data-gathering is quite handy sometimes."

Assam (アッサム, Assamu) is a minor supporting character of Girls und Panzer.


Assam is a student from St. Gloriana Girls High School. She serves as the gunner of the Churchill tank, and also as an analyst, able to identify the weak-points of tanks with ease, as well as calculating a battle's odds of success or failure.

Assam also conducts intelligence operations, infiltrating and eavesdropping on other school's plans. She constitutes the entirety of St. Gloriana Sensha-Dō Team's Data Processing Department, Section 6.


Assam is a girl with long blonde hair and light purple eyes. Her somewhat extravagant hairstyle is complemented by a black hairband.

Though usually seen in the St. Gloriana uniforms, she has also been depicted in a maid's outfit, and in the Tategoto High School's uniform.


Assam has little screen time during the anime. As such, few can be pointed out about her personality; her artwork, however, states that she is fond of jokes. She also appeared on the series' first drama CD Kondo wa Drama CD desu!, where she spoke with the Anglerfish Team for the first time. There, she is shown to be quite normal and polite as well.

She plays a more prominent role in the spin-off manga Motto Love Love Sakusen Desu!, where she often appears alongside Darjeeling and Orange Pekoe. Due to her sober and level-headed personality, she often plays the counterpart to Darjeeling's hyped and exaggerated nature together with Orange Pekoe. Although she often appears to be the most normal person among the St. Gloriana trio, she has a tendency to tell jokes and puns which are usually extremely cheesy and therefore appeals to a more unique sense of humor. However, she loves if somebody is amused and laughs to them, especially in Hana and Kay's case.

Assam is seen in Ribbon Warrior, eavesdropping on a conversation between Aung and Shizuka Tsuruki at Tategoto High School, then reporting her information back to Darjeeling.


  • Her name derives from the Assam Tea.
  • Her favorite tank is the A30 Challenger.
  • While Darjeeling and Orange Pekoe have been watching every match of Ooarai Girls High School in the 63rd Sensha-dou National Tournament, Assam did not appear after episode 4 again.
    • Probably spying on the other schools. No wonder Darjeeling was so well informed during the course of the anime.
  • Often joked about having a "computer brain" due to her role as a gunner and her intelligence gathering capabilities.
  • Assam's birthday is the December 10th, the same date in 1941 British captial ships HMS Prince of Wales and HMS Repulse are sunk by Japanese Imperial Navy torpedo bombers in the South China Sea.
  • She bears a near identical resemblance to Mika Ahonen from Strike Witches, though this is likely due to Shimada Humikane being the character designer for both Striker Witches and Girls und Panzer.
  • She has an older brother.


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