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"Encirclement complete."
"We'll use our usual..." "Bermuda Attack!"
―Azumi and Rumi
Azumi (アズミ, Azumi) is one of the supporting characters in Girls und Panzer: Der Film.


Azumi is one of Alice Shimada's three vice-commanders in the All-Star University team. She operates an American M26 Pershing with a yellow diamond marking on the front side.


Azumi is a tall girl with light brown hair and turquoise eyes. She wears the Selection University Sensha-dō jacket, but doesn't wear the hat, nor the shirt and tie that comes with it.


Little is known about her in the movie except that she is part of "Bermuda Trio" with Megumi and Rumi.

It is implied in Drama CD that she is the "Bermuda Trio"'s leader. She formerly attended BC Freedom High School before going to University. Like her two teammates, she is a terrible cook (even more so than other two), a "Hard-Drinking Party Girl", and crazy about the cuteness of her commander.


She is first seen along with her two teammates in Shermans observing Alice's training match.

During the match against the Ooarai Compound Team, she commands a company of seven Pershings (including her tank) and one Chaffee. Her company pushes through the flanks of Team Morning Glory, and forms a half-encirclement of Team Sunflower. After a fierce chase, they eventually disengage and regroup with the main force.

During the scattered skirmishes throughout the theme park, Azumi leads a platoon two other Pershings in pursuit of several Ooarai tanks. The platoon walks into straight into ambushes twice over, but the third time round Azumi spots the hidden StuG III and takes it out. Left alone, she subsequently breaks off the pursuit.

She is later seen with the "Bermuda Trio" taking out Saunders' tanks and taking out the Tiger II and T-34/85.

In the final showdown in the center of the theme park, her tank is knocked out by Miho when Maho acts as bait and ambushes her at the exit of the tunnel.


  • Unlike the other students of All-Star University, she doesn't wear a shirt under her jacket, exposing her cleavage. Even in MLLSD C35 when with Rumi & Megumi they infiltrate Ooarai by wearing their uniforms for "rescuing" their Commander, she doesn't wear the green undershit (like Anteater Team) exposing again her cleavage.
    • This is joked about in one of the Web Version comic strips. A clearly cold Azumi refuses to wear a shirt underneath her jacket, despite being told to by Megumi, all the while sneezing.
  • All three of Selection University's Vice Commanders have names that end with "ミ" or "-mi"


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