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Currently being used as a placeholder for anyone working on characters associated with Bellwall Academy. This page will become an official "school" page in the future. But for now, I'll just be using it to keep track of all the sensha-dō team characters. -TTG

PS: This is my reference. If you guys see any discrepancies between the Kanji names and their Romanji variants, please feel free to correct me!

Bellwall Academy is a school featured in the spin-off manga: Girls und Panzer: Little Army Two. The school's sensha-dō team operates a motley assortment of (mostly-German) tanks, usually acquired from personal refurbishment, auctions or as gifts. Despite these factors, the leadership and crews of the sensha-dō team are experienced and effective enough to override such disadvantages.


Bellwall Academy is a relatively large school, with over 3000 students in attendance. The school itself is divided by a wall, separating the "normal" department and the "industrial" department. The normal department is a relatively standard school, but the industrial department is filled with delinquents, thus making that part of the school look like a war-zone.

Before the events of Little Army Two, the school was considered to be very strong in sensha-dō, with the team itself exhibiting the ferocity of the girls that it was made up of. However, after Jinko Yoshinaga abandoned the team, it fell into ruin, with many of the tanks sold off and the team divided between two delinquent factions, led by Chifuyu Doi and Neko Yamamori. During that time, the only member of the team that attempted to keep the club running was Hitomi Yuzumoto. Sensing weakness, and an opportunity to create a large racetrack in the area designated for sensha-dō practice, the leaders of the automotive club, Kanako and Tsurugiko Kashiwaba, began putting pressure on the team, trying to get them to disband so that the Automotive club could acquire the practice fields.

With the team on the verge of downfall, Hitomi Yuzumoto put out offers for experienced sensha-dō crew members to transfer to Bellwall Academy. Emi Nakasuga would accept the offer, and during her time there, would turn the team around with the help of nearly all the aforementioned individuals.


Due to the delinquent culture surrounding the school, the school uniform is rarely worn properly, in stark contrast to schools like Ooarai, St. Gloriana's and Anzio. Regardless, the full uniform consists of a white uniform shirt and a light brown skirt with a red stripe running around it. There is also a small bow that goes around the collar of the shirt. A beige or black colored blazer, vest or sweater is usually worn over the shirt.

Due to the aforementioned delinquent culture, the uniform is often modified. Kita wears a hoodie in place of her shirt while wearing the school blazer over her hoodie, Neko Yamamori wears a fur coat over a v-neck instead of the school shirt, Doi Chifuyu wears a long dress in place of the skirt.

Sensha-dō Cultur


The "Bout"

The Bout I

The bout is a practice match between two tanks and their crews. Both commanders are seated outside of their tanks, facing each other. They are each given a radio to communicate with their crew members. They then engage in a "rock-paper-scissors" competition, with the victor being able to attack the loser. Both commanders use their radios to order their tanks to attack or to evade. It is a high tension and intensity form of practice, and it is not unusual to see commanders sprawled on the ground in weariness after undergoing "the bout."

The Bout II

This has only been seen once during the events of Little Army Two, when Chifuyu Doi and Neko Yamamori faced off against each other. Emi Nakasuga initially displayed disbelief that they would incorporate Rock-Paper-Scissors in order to conduct a practice match. After Kita explained their situation, Emi was able to draw parallels to her time in Germany. She then observed the match, taking time to wrap her head around it.

sensha-dō Team

There are a total of eight tank crews that make up the Bellwall Sensha-dō Team.

Chain of Command

Bellwall Team

Left to Right: Kunihiro, Terauchi, Nogata, Enami, Wakasugi, Chifuyu, Nagisa, Kita, Takami, Hitomi, Emi, Neko, Koharu, Yano, Hirono, Kanbara, Kanako, Tsurugiko, Minami, other three members of her crew that I really need to TL.

The overall commander is Emi Nakasuga, with the vice-commander being Hitomi Yuzumoto. Chifuyu Doi and Neko Yamamori are the two delinquent leaders that head up two tank-destroyer crews, and provide advice to Emi on the side. Minami Youko is the commander of the T-44, Bellwall's only Soviet tank, and specializes in scouting and observation. Finally, Kanako and Tsurugiko Kashiwaba both crew a Panzer II, and are in command of the other three Panzer IIs (crewed by automotive club members) in the "Panzer II squadron". The twin's Panzer II has performed in a reconnaissance and scouting role, as well as being a bit of a repair vehicle, allowing the Kashiwabas to rapidly traverse the battlefield to repair damaged friendly tanks.

Tiger 1

Emi Nakasuga: Commander

Hitomi Yuzumoto: Loader

Kita: Radio Op

Takami: Driver

Nagisa Shiratori: Gunner


Neko Yamamori: Commander

Yano (矢野): Loader. Easily the tallest girl in the sensha-dō club, as well as appearing to be Neko's second in command. First year.

Koharu Sakai (??坂井): Gunner. Acts as a secretary of sorts to Neko. First year.

Kanbara (神原): Driver. Wears a facemask with a cross design over it.

Hirono (広能): Radio Operator. Wears a striped sleeveless shirt off-duty. Is a bit of an airhead.


Chifuyu Doi: Commander

Terauchi (寺内): Loader: Tall

Wakasugi (若杉): Loader: Black hairband.

Kunihiro (国広): Radio Op: Twintails.

Nogata (野方): Driver: Short. Black hair in twintails.

Enami (江波): Gunner: Wears headphones around her neck. Ponytail.


Minami Youko: Commander (Has a bit of a :3 face when excited. Likes Chinese Tanks)

Panzer II (Kashiwaba)

Kanako Kashiwaba: Commander, Gunner, Loader, Radio Op

Tsurugiko Kashiwaba: Driver

Panzer II Squadron/Automotive Club



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