Blue Division High School (青師団高校) is a Spanish-themed minor school in Girls und Panzer.


Behavior & Policy

Blue Division students are known for two things, the first is their culinary skills, this is why they have a good friendship with Anzio Girls High School and Waffle Academy. Due to their love for food and culinary arts when the three schools reunite in a festival it often gets international attention.

The second is their incredible zeal and enthusiams, the same enthusiams that permit them to launch their unofficial team as their drive and selflessness earned the band of volunteer tankers much recognition from other schools.

Blue Division students are open, cheerful, and curious. They are known to be regularly late for promised dates, as they like to move a their own pace. It seems that their favorite interests is talking and fashion. They also love talking, art, music and theatre as much as cooking.

Even if they are very open they have their occasional quarrels. Because their likes and dislikes are set in stone, it’s not strange to see fights suddenly erupt over sometimes insignificant details. However once the dust settles they seem to return to being friends almost instantly, either because they know not to worry about the past or because they just don’t hold grudges.

Blue Division High School, not caring that they will never be part of a Sensha-dō team or the fact that the school is regularly low on funds, holds good relations with a number of other schools, including the aforementioned Kuromorimine Girls High School with whom they have regular practice matches.


Originally Blue Division had only light tanks such as Panzer I, Panzer II and Carro Veloce CV.35 that were backing up their heavier light tanks such as BT-5 and T-26 that formed the backbone of their team. They also have a single model of the rare and unusual Verdeja I tank.

With such tanks it was said that the only thing that get them past the first round is their spirit.

They tried (just like Spanish Nationalists during the Civil War) to improve the forepower of their tanks, like installing a Breda 20mm autocannon on a Panzer I or put a short 75mm howitzer on a Verdeja hull. Their projects were cancelled with the acquisition of the newer Panzer IV Ausf.H, various Panzer III models and some StuG III.


Whether with light tanks or not their have not changed from an inch, they prioritize speed and breaking enemy lines. They're very flexible with their plan as they usually have multiple backup plans in case the situation turns in the enemy's favor but these plan are rather unusual and not be the most practical (like using their StuG in a fast charge). While they excel in quick and short engagements they are have troubles in long drawn out battles of attrition.


The schoolship's appeareance is unknown.


Only the upper part of the school uniformis seen. It consists of a blue shirt (inspired from the Spanish Falangists) largely unbuttoned with the school logo on the sleeve.


Formal relations between Japan and Spain are known to have existed since the days of the Christian Missionary Francis Xavier. These relations ultimately resulted in cultural exchange centers being built in the cities of Hirado in Nagasaki Prefecture, Onjuku in Chiba Prefecture, and Ishinomaki in Myagi Prefecture.

Years later when the news that a new schoolship was being built, many Prefectures put their names forwards in the hope that they would host the new school. In the end, Mie Prefecture and Miyagi prefecture were the last contenders but due to the lack of any conclusive agreement, it was decided that the port of Shimotsu in Wakayama Prefecture would host the school, with the compromise that the school ship would accept support from and make annual visits to Shima Peninsula in Mie Prefecture and the city of Ishinomaki in Miyagi Prefecture.

Blue Division High School was born.

Against Jatkosota

Main article: Jatkosota High School vs. Blue Division High School

Blue Division participated in the 63rd National High School Sensha-Dō Tournament and faced Jatkosota High School as their first opponent. Their force was composed of T-26, BT-5, Panzer II, III & IV, StuG III and the Verdeja I. Despite being on unfamiliar grounds Blue Division tried to breakthrough Jatkosota's positions by taking a narrow corridor but the muddy terrain heavily slow them down. Their vanguard was destroy by their opponent's T-34, Panzer IV and Sturmi while their rearguard was destroy by BT tanks that had perform a pincer movement. Blue Division's remaining tanks trapped in the corridor fought in desperation but were ultimately destroyed. They were eliminated in the first round.


Blue Division High School hasn't any students of note.

Vehicles operated



  • Their logo consists of a red shield with a large horizontal black stripe in the middle with "Azul" written in Gothic in a blue circle.
    • The name is a reference to the real División Azul, a group of Spanish volunteers lent by General Francisco Franco, who fought alongside Germany on Eastern front from 1941 to 1943.
    • The shield is a reference to the insigna (representing the spanish flag colors) they wore on their sleeve but with black instead of yellow.
    • The colors of the shield (Black and Red) is a reference to the colors of the flag of the Spanish Falange.
    • The word "Azul" means blue in Spanish.
    • The color of the circle (Blue) is a reference to the color of Division Azul's soldiers' uniform shirt (taken from the Falangists) while they're on leave in Spain as on the front they wore the Wehrmacht uniform with their insigna on the sleeve.
  • Their love to modify their tanks is a reference of Nationalists' attempts to upgun their tanks during Spanish Civil War.
    • They created the Panzer I "Negrillo" or Carro Breda (The combination of a Panzer I and a Breda 20mm gun) there is also the unsuccessful 37mm, 45mm and twin 37mm gunned prototypes.
    • The Verdeja program, launched by the Colonel Félix Verdeja, was an attempt to counter the Republican's better armed and armored tanks by combining the T-26's gun between two MG13 into a Panzer I turret with a low-profile hull.
  • The fact that Blue Division is the only known school to not have an official Sensha-dō Club is a reference to Spain's unofficial participation in WW2 through volunteers.


  • Blue Division Schoolgirls (just below Ooarai)
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