Blue Division High School is a Spanish-themed minor school in Girls und Panzer.


They have regular practice matches with Kuromorimine. They prefer tactics involving quickly breaking through enemy lines and then hitting them from behind. The team is surprisingly tough to defeat.

They seem to love modifying their tanks to carry artillery guns. (Which is an historical reference to how Spanish Nationalists and Republicans had a sort of upgunning fetish. Known Nationalist upgunnings of the Panzer I include the better-known Breda model (fully enclosed turret with Breda 20mm AT gun and the unsuccessful 37mm, 45mm and twin 37mm gunned prototypes, all them are meant to be fully enclosed, all three unsuccessful, single prototype with no photos) and then we have the Republican prototype, Verdeja, which combined the 45mm gun of a T26 between the two coaxial MGs of a Panzer I in an AA-capable mount.)

School culture: Sunny personalities, very curious about everything, and enjoys talking. Very much famous for their artistic talents, with their music, paintings, drama plays, together with the Andorra High school they are the twin arts specialists. The school has many gourmets, and they organise feasts with other local schools like Andorra regularly.

Vehicles operated



The school is mentioned only in a screen when the tournament's array is revealed, as Jatkosota Academy's first opponents. Given that Jatkosota was defeated by Kuromorimine in quarter-finals, it is assumed that Blue Division High were defeated.


  • Named after the real Azul Division a Spanish division lent by Franco, who fought alongside Germany on Eastern front from 1941 to 1943.
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