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"Hina-chan! Uh, It's Caesar..."
―Caesar to Carpaccio
Caesar (カエサル, Kaesaru), her real name Takako Suzuki (鈴木 貴子. Suzuki Takako), is the loader and Commander of the Hippo Team, and one of the supporting protagonists of Girls und Panzer.


Caesar is a second year student from Ooarai Girls High School and a member of the history buffs club (Reki-jo).

Caesar is the loader of the Hippo Team and also its commander, as pointed out in the Anzio OVA during the banquet after the match; this makes the Hippo Team the only Team with 2 Commander (the other being Erwin). She also serves as the loader of the StuG III , just like Carpaccio in her Semovente. 


Caesar is a girl with short dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. Her trademark accessory is a long red cloth, reminiscent of a Roman Focale .


Caesar is well known for her expertise on history of the Roman Empire. Though she is best friends with the members of her team, she is seen to have another friend she knows very well in the Anzio OVA - Anzio's vice-Commander and Loader of a Semovente da 75/18, Carpaccio. Their long-time friendship leads to them addressing each other by their real names.

At the beginning of the Anzio OVA, she is first seen at the domicile of the Hippo Team members, loading shells into a makeshift breech in order to train her endurance for the upcoming match. This underlines an ambitious character as well as a very serious attitude towards Sensha-dō.


  • Her favorite flower is Daisy and her favorite tank is the Italian Carro Armato P40.
  • True to the Roman Empire being her main historical interest, she is skilled with the Italian and Latin language. In the Anzio OVA, she translates information about italian tanks to help Miho Nishizumi with making up a plan for the match as well as organizing the preparations for the battle.
  • In the original anime series, it was never directly mentioned that Caesar is the leader of the Hippo Team instead of Erwin. It was only indicated by her being present at the briefing among all the leaders before the exhibition match against St. Gloriana in Episode 3.
  • Caesar's birthday is the January 10th, the same date in 1941 as the capture by the Greek Army of Klisura from the Italian in Albania.


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