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Episode 10.5 "Allow me to Introduce You 2!" "Shōkai Shimasu 2!" (紹介します 2 ! ) is the second recap episode of Girls und Panzer. It originally aired on December 25th, 2012.


This episode is a recap episode that is presented narratively by Miho Nishizumi and Yukari Akiyama, supported by subtitles, recalling a variety of incidents and facts about the anime so far:

  • Plot Summary - The progress Ooarai has made in the 63rd Sensha-Dõ Tournament is summarised, alongside other events of interest. Miho explains some of her actions and tactics, analysing some of their situations with the benefit of hindsight. Some of her backstory is also explained.
  • Characters - The people that have been met along the way, including those Ooarai Sensha-dō teams newly joining in Episode 10, and the commanders and vice-commanders of schools Ooarai have faced are given an introduction along with their favourite flowers and favourite tanks.
  • Tanks - The tanks incorporated into Ooarai ranks since the last recap episode, and those that Ooarai has fought against in other schools (excepting Anzio) are given a rundown of their specifics, combat capabilities and aesthetic traits.
  • Rules of Sensha-dō - The rules of engagement, safety procedures, and technology used to operate judging equipment are explained.


  • Yukari calls the Tiger (P) "dependable", despite its tendency towards the contrary.
  • The finer details of the second round (Ooarai vs Anzio), are skipped again, although the subtitles indicate Anchovy's name, favourite flower and favourite tank (Not those of her vice-commanders however).
    • These details are covered in a separately released OVA episode.
  • Miho evidently holds no grudge against Alisa for the underhanded radio tapping she performed against Ooarai in Episode 5, instead praising her grasp on the importance of intelligence.
  • The ending sequence features cuts between all of the previous ED sequences, alternating between all the Ooarai Sensha-dō teams and their tanks in turn. Anglerfish Team appears twice in this rotation, once with the Pz. IV Ausf.D and once with the Pz. IV Ausf. F2.
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