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"Guderian is it?"
"The StuG III is an amazing tank that fought back the Russian onslaught during Winter War! Apologize to the Finnish!"
―Erwin about the StuG

Erwin (エルヴィン, Eruvin), her real name Riko Matsumoto (松本 里子, Matsumoto Riko), is the Co-Commander and radio operator of the Hippo Team and one of the supporting protagonists of Girls und Panzer.


Erwin is a second year student from Ooarai Girls High School. She's also a member of history buffs club or Reki-jo. She's also the radio operator of the Hippo Team and she operates a German Sturmgeschütz III.


Erwin is a girl with short blonde hair and a pair of brown eyes. She wears a German Field Marshal's Cap modeled on that of Erwin Rommel, and a identical Afrika Korps General's jacket as to the one Erwin Rommel wore in North Africa, although she later trades in this jacket for Ooarai's black uniform jacket whilst in matches. Her hairstyle resembles the ears of the fennec fox, also known as the "Desert fox".


Erwin is well known for her expertise on European history especially World War II. She seems to be decisive and confident, similar to her historical counterpart, displaying this in an almost cocky smile most of the time. She only loses her nerve in the most desperate of situations.


  • Her nickname is based on German Field Marshall Erwin Rommel, possibly the most famous General of World War Two and Military author of World War One (He authored the book Infantry Attacks see: His nickname, the Desert Fox, is reflected in Erwin's hair cut. His famous peak cap and Utility shirt is also part of her attire, replete with captured British goggles.
  • Interestingly, it seems that Erwin and Caesar share the command of Hippo Team, given that Erwin is never present at the strategy meetings.
  • Her favourite flower is Cornflower and her favorite tank is the German Jagdpanther.
  • Erwin's birthday is the June 18th, the same date in 1940 as both Winston Churchill's "Finest Hour" speech to the House of Common of the Parliament and Charles de Gaulle's famous Appel du 18 Juin (French for Appeal of 18 June) considered as the origin of the French Resistance.


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