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"Excuse me! If we charge recklessly and get ourselves eliminated... That's the real shameful thing to do!"

Fukuda (福田, Fukuda) is one of the supporting characters in Girls und Panzer : Der Film.


Fukuda is a first year student and one of the Chi-Ha-Tan Academy students seen in the movie. She's the commander of a Type 95 Ha-Gō.

In Girls und Panzer: Ribbon Warrior she serves as the overall commander in Chi-Ha-Tan's Tankathlon team


Fukuda is a short bespectacled girl with long black hair tied in braids and brown eyes. She's the only one who is seen with a helmet.


Fukuda is a sensitive, somewhat shy girl who seems to lack self-confidence. As a first year, she wants to imitate her older teammates, but is somewhat awkward and tends to stick herself in bad situations. She tries to charge more than once during the friendly match before being blocked by Mallard Team and Duck Team. But at one point, she proves that she can be pretty smart : she suggests another strategy to Kinuyo Nishi and the rest of the Tankery team (not without angering Tamada and Hosomi) that doesn't include suicide-charging.


  • She address Duck Team as Duck (Ahiru)-dono.
  • She also calling each of Duck Team member with strange nickname.
  • She is the second shortest character in the show; 8cm taller than Katyusha.


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