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Girls und Panzer: Little Army Two (ガールズ&パンツァー リトルアーミーII) is a spin-off manga from the original Girls und Panzer story and a sequel for Little Army, happening about 6 years after its events and a short time after the 63rd National High School Sensha-Dou Tournament. It follows Emi as a recently transferred student in Bellwall Girls High School who reborn the Sensha-Dou team of that school as the commander, just like Miho in Ooarai Girls High School.


The story follows Emi Nakasuga after she saw herself forced to transfer from her high school in Germany, having Bellwall Girls High School in Japan as one of the options after she received an enrollment invitation letter, it is possible she had other options as she told Hitomi she would change to another institution if Bellwall didn't have Sensha-Dou. In Bellwall, Emi manages regroup and become the commander of the school's Sensha-Dou team through several eccentric personalities and a academy that lost faith in their Sensha-Dou.


Main characters

Miho Nishizumi

Main Article: Miho Nishizumi.

A shy and lonely girl: Due to her family traditions, strict rules and atypical love of tanks Miho doesn't have many friends. Hence she becoming extremely happy and excited when she meets girls of her age with whom she could be friends and share her Sensha-Dou.

Emi Nakasuga

Main Article: Emi Nakasuga.

Emi is half-German and half-Japanese, she moved to Japan with her mother and older sister in order to accompany her sister on a Sensha-Dou competition, staying at her grandmother's house. She initially planned on staying for one year, but as her sister was defeated by Maho Nishizumi and plans with her elementary classmates diverged she decided to cut short the trip and return to Germany.

Hitomi Yuzumoto

Main Article: Hitomi Yuzumoto.

Hitomi is best friends Chihiro since childhood, she has some interest in Sensha-Dou and is a fan of Maho due to her recent achievements. She has difficulty with sticking to activities and hobbies on a long term basis.

Chihiro Yusa

Main Article: Chihiro Yusa.

Not much is known about Chihiro, except that she is the childhood companion and best friends with Hitomi, knowing her like no one else. She is the only main character to be shown as interested in activities other than Sensha-Dou, being more into athletic sports.


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