Girls und Panzer: Sensha-dō, Kiwamemasu! (ガールズ&パンツァー: 戦車道、極めます! lit. Tankery, Master it!) is tank battle game based on Girls und Panzer Anime. It's been developed by Namco Bandai, and was released on June 26, 2014 for the PS Vita. The game's Japanese website can be found here.


The game is a tank battle game, and will feature characters, locations and a Story Mode featuring the teams and schools which appeared in Girls und Panzer.


It's still not clear which characters will be in the game, but currently, it's been revealed that the whole OoaraiSensha-do Club and all the other supporting characters in the series like Darjeeling, Kay, Katyusha, Nonna, Maho, Erika will be in the game, divided to their respective schools/teams in the series. Some unnamed tankers will also be in the game, acting as subordinates of the characters stated above. Some spectator characters are included in the game, like Shinzaburo and Yuri Isuzu.

Game Mechanics

The game seems to play is similar to Namco-Bandai's earlier tank shooter Tokyo Wars and World of Tanks, basing on the gameplay videos from the developers team, which means you'll control a tank and go around a 3D map hunting other tanks down, which all have health bars, and a sniper mode is also present. However, of course there're many new mechanics introduced in this game, namely how you can control every tank in a team and switch between them at any time in the battle. Not much else is revealed about the gameplay right now.

Game Modes

So far, two game modes have been revealed:

  • Story Mode: The player will control Ooarai's tanks and battle other teams in matches similar to the Original series.
  • Battle Royale: Seemingly, you can choose 5 tanks you want from more than 30 available in the game and form a custom team, then participate in a battle of your own choice.[1].


The game will be sold in two editions:

  • Regular Edition: Only contains the game. Price: 6,680 yen.
  • Limited Edition: Contains the following:
    • Game (No. 7 in the picture below)
    • A box with exclusive visual art (1)
    • Two original bonus video DVDs (2 and 3)
    • A special booklet (4)
    • Bath posters with exclusive visual art (5)
    • Interchangeable variant jacket covers for different teams (6)
    • Not a physical bonus, but the one who bought this version will also get an unlock code to unlock the Carro Armato P40 tank for use in game (which is Anchovy's tank).

The limited edition's contents





Game Trailers

File:Girls und Panzer Sensha-dō, Kiwamemasu! First teaser
Girls und Panzer game 2nd PV03:53

Girls und Panzer game 2nd PV

The second teaser of the game

Pre-Release Gameplay Videos

Girls und Panzer game gameplay PV 103:06

Girls und Panzer game gameplay PV 1

Gameplay Video #1

Girls und Panzer game gameplay PV 203:13

Girls und Panzer game gameplay PV 2

Gameplay Video #2

Girls und Panzer game gameplay PV 303:19

Girls und Panzer game gameplay PV 3

Gameplay Video #3

Girls und Panzer game gameplay PV 403:14

Girls und Panzer game gameplay PV 4

Gameplay Video #4

Girls und Panzer game gameplay PV 503:50

Girls und Panzer game gameplay PV 5

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