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Early events



  • The Tank Ralley event occurs at Monte Carlo.[2]


  • The film "Introduction to Sensha-dō" is released.[3]

20 Years Before GuP

  • Ooarai Girls High School Sensha-dō club is disbanded and their tanks sold or scrapped.[4]

Around 17 Years Before GuP

  • January 1st: Anzu Kadotani is born in Mito, Ibaraki Prefecture.[5]
  • January 17th: Kay is born in Sasebo, Nagasaki Prefecture.[5]
  • January 31st: Katyusha is born in Abashiri, Hokkaidō Prefecture.[5]
  • May 5th: Momo Kawashima is born in Mito, Ibaraki Prefecture.[5]
  • July 1st: Maho Nishizumi is born in Kumamoto City, Kunamoto Prefecture.[5]
  • September 17th: Darjeeling is born in Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture.[5]
  • September 23rd: Chiyomi Anzai is born in Toyota, Aichi Prefecture.[5]
  • October 3rd: Yuzu Koyama is born in Mito, Ibaraki Prefecture.[5]
  • Unspecified:
    • Galette is born.[5]
    • Hoshino is born in Shimotsuma, Ibaraki Prefecture.[5]
    • Madeleine is born.[5]
    • Midoriko Sono is born in Tsukuba, Ibaraki Prefecture.[5]
    • Piyotan is born in Mito, Ibaraki Prefecture.[5]
    • Naomi is born in Sasebo, Nagasaki Prefecture.[5]
    • Nonna is born in Abashiri, Hokkaidō Prefecture.[5]
    • Satoko Nakajima is born in Suzuka, Mie Prefecture.[5]
    • Suzuki is born in Oyama, Suntō District, Shizuoka Prefecture.[5]
    • Tsuchiya is born in Motegi, Haga District, Tochigi Prefecture.[5]

Around 16 Years Before GuP

Around 15 Years Before GuP

Around 10 Years Before GuP

  • Miho & Maho used to play and go fishing with their Panzer II.[8]

Between 10 & 5 Years Before GuP

  • Mako had a big dispute with her mother, just before her parents died in an accident.[10]
  • Takako meets Hina in elementary school.[11]

6 Years Before GuP

Miho's first Friendship

  • Little Army 1 Arc
    • Kuromorimine Girls High School led by Maho Nishizumi defeats the German team during the international summer tournament.[12]
      • During the match against Germany Maho shot the opposing team's flag tank which came to rescue one of Kuromorimine's tank which was in danger and out of range of the rescue teams.[13]
    • Miho attends an elementary school in Kumamoto City.
    • Emi confessed to Miho that she hated Maho revealing her that her sister was in the tank that Maho shot and became distant to Miho.[15]
    • Emi announced that she will return to Germany due to her sister ending up the exchange program because of her defeat in the summer tournament, but she can't leave until the end of the scholar year.[16]
    • Miho proposed to Emi a match against Maho to understand her better, but Emi only sees an opportunity to avenge her sister by defeating Maho.[17]
    • Miho and her friends lost the duel against Maho. After the match Emi confronted Maho about her actions against Germany. Later Maho is confronted by her sister about what Emi said, responding that she only applied the Nishizumi Style.[18]
    • Miho then confronts her mother, asking if Maho's actions were necessary. Much to Shiho's disappointment she answers that is the way of the Nishizumi Style.[19]
    • Maho explains to Miho that as long as she is the inheritor of Nishizumi Style she will carry the burden as Miho can practice her own style. Emi overheard the conversation and began to change her opinion about Maho.[19]
    • A few days later Maho left Kunamoto City aboard Kuromorimine's Schoolship.[19]
    • Miho and her friends continued to practice sensha-dō on the Nishizumi's grounds until Emi finally leaves Japan back to Germany.[20]
    • Emi Nakasuga returns to Germany to pursue Sensha-dō. Vows to find her own way and to ride tanks with Miho once more.
    • Miho Nishizumi decides to pursue Sensha-dō, despite her disagreements with the Nishizumi Style.

4 Years Before GuP

3 Years Before GuP

Around 2 Years Before GuP

  • Anzu, Momo & Yuzu joined the Student Council.[22]
  • 61st Sensha-dō Tournament

1 Years Before GuP

Erika's first year at Kuromorimine

  • Phase Erika Arc
    • Erika Itsumi attends at Kuromorimine Girls High School.[23]
      • She reunited with one of her elementary school friend Leila Rou.[23]
    • All newcomers assists to the Entrance Ceremony and are taken care by the Vice Commander Maaru Ren.[23]
      • All first-year took part in a Training Match.[23]
    • Maaru Ren resigns as the Vice-Commander, being replaced by Miho Nishizumi.[23]
    • Erika contests Maho's decision of naming Miho the Vice-Commander.[24]
    • Maho proposes a match between Erika and Miho for the place of Vice-Commander.[24]
    • Erika wins the match, but steps down on Maho's proposition of becoming the Vice-Commander.[26]

Ending the previous Tournament

4 Months Before GuP

Maginot's Internal Struggle

  • Maginot Arc
    • Eclair, a second year student of Maginot Girls Academy, tired of all the school's consecutive losses confronts her commander Madeleine blaming Maginot's defense doctrine that precognizes more mobile tactics.[29]
      • She provokes Madeleine in a duel for the head of the Sensha-dō Team, telling her that Maginot will continue to lose if they keep using those tactics. Madeleine accepts the duel.[29]
    • Eclair wins the duel against Madeleine and thus the commandership of the Sensha-dō Team.[29]
    • Eclair faces internal struggles from other students that don't accept neither her command or her tactics.[30]
      • Fondue, another Maginot student, comes to Eclair's office and nearly self-proclaims herself as the Vice-commander, Eclair accepts.[30]
    • Madeleine visits Eclair in her office to announce that she is quitting Sensha-dō.[30]
      • Madeleine's departure causes many students (especially 3rd years who remained loyal to Madeleine) to quit, leaving the team in shambles.[30]
    • Eclair doesn't let this drawback affect her and promises to make Maginot great again.[30]


Miho's Desertion

  • Anime Arc
    • Miho runaways from Kuromorimine Girls' High School and sensha-dō.
    • Miho chooses to transfer to Ooarai Girls High School because of its inactive Sensha-dō club.

Anime events

Before the Tournament

Ooarai's Girls High School on the Razor Egde

  • Anime Arc
    • The MEXT plans to consolidate schools and shut down those with poor performances first, in order to alleviate the strain on their budget.[31]
      • Ooarai Girls High School has lost many students recently. Additionally it has failed to distinguish itself from others schools, and thus is a prime candidate for being shut down by MEXT.[31]
    • The Ooarai Student Council is summoned to the MEXT office by Renta Tsuji to be informed of the upcoming closure of their school.[31]
      • The Student Council President, Anzu Kadotani, as a last resort, bargins with Tsuji: saying that she will reactivate the Ooarai Sensha-dō team. Anzu claims that the MEXT wouldn't close the school that won the next Sensha-dō Tournament.[31]
        • Renta Tsuji acknowledges the agreement, but never explicitly accepts it, nor is it documented.[32]
    • Ooarai Sensha-dō club is reactivated after 20 years of inactivity.

You can't escape Sensha-Dō Miho !!!

  • Anime Arc
    • April: Miho transfers to Ooarai Girls High School.[33][34]
    • On her first day Miho befriends Saori Takebe & Hana Isuzu.[33]
    • Once the Student Council learn that an heiress of the Nishizumi Style is among the students, they try their best to enlist Miho in Sensha-dō club.[33]
      • Anzu Kadatoni approaches Miho Nishizumi and instructs her to select Sensha-dō as her extracurricular activity, much to the dismay of the latter.
    • The time for students to choose an Extracurricular Activity has come.[33]
      • Sensha-dō club is introduced to students by the Student Council in a presentation at the gymnasium, in order to recruit members.[33]
        • The promotional film makes an impact on several future members.
    • Miho is summoned by the Student Council for not choosing Sensha-dō.[33]
      • Ultimately Miho decides to join first due to the (implied) threat of reprisal from Student Council and second by seeing how her friends defended her.[33]

Rebirth of Ooarai's Sensha-Dō

St. Gloriana Training Match

  • Anime Arc
    • St. Gloriana Girls High School accepts a challenge match from Ooarai Girls' High School.[36]
    • During the briefing for the upcoming match Miho Nishizumi is appointed Overall Commander of the Sensha-dō team. If she fails she will have to do the Anglerfish Dance at the Summer Festival.[36]
    • St. Gloriana's carrier dock at Ooarai Habour.[36]
    • The friendly match opposing St. Gloriana and Ooarai begins.[36]
      • St.Gloriana wins the match without suffer heavy losses.[37]
    • July: As they lose the match Miho and her friends (joined with the Student Council under Anzu's decision) have to perform the Anglerfish dance during the Summer Festival.[37][38]
    • Mako go to see her grandmother.[37]
    • Hana meets her mother that faints when she learns that her daughter is practicing Sensha-dō.[37]
      • Hana is expelled from her house by her mother due to her refusal to quit Sensha-dō.[37]
    • Darjeeling sent to Miho a tea set that she only sends to her most valuable opponents.[37]

Maginot Training Match

  • Maginot Arc
    • Maginot Girls' Academy lost a training match against Saunders Girls High School.[39]
    • After losing to St. Gloriana, the Student Council launchs others requests for a training match, but all were unsuccessful due to the Nationals getting close.[39]
    • In order to keep the team fresh the Student Council organised 2 vs. 2 mock battles while Miho was summoned to their office.[39]
      • Miho's first impression is that the rest of the team will not improve if they keep training within the school, they need to fight real opponents.[39]
      • During the mock battle the Panzer IV is constantly shot down without Miho's commandership and Saori's inability to act as a tank command.[39]
    • Once the mock battle is finished the Student Council announced to the rest of the team that they plan to do another training match.[39]
    • The Maginot's Sensha-Dō club change of policy 4 months ago caused massive disturbances that still last in the present days.[40]
    • Eclair's authority is often undermined especially by Galette, a follower of the former Sensha-Dō commander who never accepts her authority.[40]
    • Eclair wondering why her style doesn't work, keep watching the footage of their previous training match against Saunders to find out what's wrong. She tasked Fondue to find her a training match before the Nationals begins.[40]
    • Fondue returns to Eclair with a training match request from Ooarai Girls High School.[40]
      • Eclair eager to show the values of her Saint-Cyr style (a mobile strategy opposed to traditional Maginot's defensive tactics) in real combat accepts Ooarai's offer of a training match.[39]
    • Momo announces the rest of the Student Council that Maginot Girls' Academy has accepted their training match offer.[40]
    • Ooarai girls keep training for the upcoming match.[41]
    • Fondue gives Eclair the data she gathered about Ooarai, this getting her more and more excited when she learns that a Nishizumi Style relative attends the school.[41]
    • Eclair summons a strategy meeting with all tank commanders for the upcoming match against Ooarai.[41]
    • During a training Eclair begins to be aware of the limits of Mobile Warfare (especially from Galette) as French tanks aren't suitable for mobile tactics.[41]
    • Ooarai's schoolship departed from Ooarai's harbor.[42]
    • Ooarai's schoolship docks at Maginot's harbor (in Shizuoka Prefecture), then reach Maginot's training fields (in Yamanishi Prefecture).[42]
    • Eclair meets Miho as part of the greetings.[42]
      • Once left Eclair swears to defeat Nishizumi Style.[42]
    • Each team have their strategy meeting before the match.[42]
      • Miho still thinking that Maginot still use defensive tactics plan to encircle them and strike their back armor.[42]
      • Eclair intends to make Ooarai thinks that Maginot hasn't change their tactics.[42]
    • The match between Maginot and Ooarai begins.[42]
      • Maginot lost the match, but not without inflicting heavy losses to Ooarai.[43]
      • Eclair congratulates Miho, but is still frustrating by her defeat.[44]
      • Ooarai owns their first victory.[44]

En route for the Tournament

Tournament's Premices

  • Anime Arc
    • The 63ʳᵈ National High School Sensha-dō Tournament begins.[37]
    • While enjoying a pleasant moment in the Leclerc Tank Café, Anglerfish Girls got a quarrel with Kuromorimine's Vice-Commander Erika Itsumi.[46]
    • Yukari use a Sunkus supply ship to infiltrate Saunders Girls High School's carrier as a student to gather information. Her mission is a success, but her cover was blown had to flee.[46]
    • Miho, Hana, Saori and Mako worried about not seeing Yukari at school nor being able to join her on their way back home.[46]
      • They meet Yukari's parents in their barbershop and then discover her room.[46]
      • They learn from her mother that she hasn't any friends due to her tank geek attitude.[46]
      • Yukari finally gets home and shows her intelligence data to the others.[46]
    • Ooarai girls keep training for the 1st round.[46]
      • Hana, Saori, Yukari and Mako keep training without Miho, thinking they're a burden to her.[46]
      • Before their match against Saunders, the Ooarai girls go buying swimsuit and spend a day to the beach. Unfortunately a heavy rain foils their plans.[47]
      • The Student Council lent the East Fuji Training Camp for camping, barbecue and training for the future match.[48]
      • Ooarai Girls High School get their Sensha-Dō uniform and definitive Team names.[46]

Beginning of Matches

Tournament - 1st Round

1st Round & Quarter-finals Interlude

  • Anime Arc
    • Hana, Miho & Yukari pay a visit to Mako and her grandmother.[58]
      • On the way back to the carrier, Saori tells Miho the story about Mako's parents.[58]
    • On their lunch on the tank hangar, Miho explain her teammates why she quit Sensha-Dō back at Kuromorimine.[58]
    • Ooarai girls train for the upcoming match against Anzio.[58]
      • After their training everyone solicit Miho for everything and nothing, her teammates offer their help lighten Miho's burden:[58]
        • Yukari will take care of all mechanical questions.[58]
        • Mako will take care of all driving questions.[58]
        • Saori will take care of all relationship questions.[58]
        • Hana will help Yuzu with administrative tasks.[58]
          • Hana discovers in papers that Ooarai had more tanks than they have now.[58]
    • A search for new tanks is launched.[58]
    • Miho, Hana, Yukari & Mako formed a rescue team to retrieve Saori & the 1st Years.[58]
      • They retrieve Saori and the Rabbit Team in Reserve Vault 17 alongside a new tank.[58]
    • Saori asks Yukari about the nickname Erwin gave her and chose the her own soul name to be "Cinderella".[59]
    • Anzio Girls High School makes budget cuts to acquire their new secret weapon.[60]
      • Anchovy's introduction of their secret weapon is cut short by the lunch time.[60]
    • Student Council learning rumors that Anzio acquired a new tank sent Yukari to infiltrates their carrier (like she did with Saunders).[60]
    • During the Strategic briefing Yukari storms in the Student Council's room and shares her intels.[60]
    • Miho pays a visit to Hippo Team in their house searching for intels on the P26/40.[60]
      • Caesar manages to translate some Italian books to gather P26/40 specs.[60]
      • Miho and the rest of Hippo Team learns that Caesar knows someone in Anzio.[60]
    • Ooarai girls engage in a mock-up training where Panzer IV emulates the P26/40 and the Type 89B stands for CV.33.[60]
    • Nekota made her first attempt to join the Sensha-dō team, failing...[60]
    • Anzu assigns Sodoko, Gomoyo & Pazomi to the newly found Renault B1 Bis after it gets repaired.[60]
    • Automotive Club made substantial damage to retrieve the Tiger(P) from the depth of the carrier. And promised that once repairing it, they'll drive it.[60]
    • Just before match the whole Sensha-Dō team is summoned to a final briefing.[62]

Tournament - Quarter-finals

Quarter-finals & Semi-finals Interlude

  • MLLSD Arc
    • Once returned to their Schoolship Anchovy try to find out what gone wrong in the match against Ooarai.[67]

Tournament - Semi-finals

  • Anime Arc
    • The match between Kuromorimine Girls High School & St. Gloriana Girls High School occurs.[68]
      • Kuromorimine eliminates St. Gloriana and goes to finals.[69]
    • Darjeeling pays a visit to Katyusha in their schooship after St.Gloriana's defeat.[70]
      • While tasting tea and Russian cakes they talk about the upcoming match.[70]
    • Automotive Club finish maintenance on tanks.[70]
    • Sodoko, Gomoyo & Pazomi joins the Sensha-Dō team as Mallard Team and are assigned to the Renault B1 Bis.[70]
    • Anzu summons Miho to the Student Council room.[70]
      • Student Council share with Miho their last year memories.[70]
      • Student Council couldn't tell Miho about the stakes of the tournament, to not put a heavy burden on her shoulder.[70]
    • Shiho learns about Miho being transferred to Ooarai and fighting Pravda in the semi-finals.[70]
      • Shiho will go to the semi-finals to tells Miho that if she lose she will be disinheritate to not disgrace Nishizumi family.[70]
    • Yuri Isuzu will assist to the semi-finals with Shinzaburo.[70]
    • Ooarai's Schoolship docks somewhere in Russia.[70][71]
    • Katyusha and Nonna arrives on site for the greeting.[70]
      • But instead Katyusha looks down on Ooarai and taunt Miho about the 62ⁿᵈ National High School Sensha-dō Tournament|last year finals]].[70]
    • The match between Pravda Girls High School & Ooarai Girls High School begins.[70]
      • Ooarai are constrained to a 3-hour siege in a church to surrender.[70]
        • Momo & Anzu reveal to other members that the school will be close down if they lose.[70][72]
        • Two teams are sent to scouting the onwards.[72]
          • Mako & Sodoko due to their 20/10 vision spots several tanks before being detected and spots many others while fleeing.[72]
          • Erwin & Yukari gather intels about the flag tank from Nina by impersonating Pravda students.[72][73]
        • Ooarai reject Katyusha surrender proposal.[72]
      • After being hit Aya switch her glasses with broken ones.[74]
      • Ooarai eliminates Pravda and goes to finals.[75]

Semi-finals & Finals Interlude

  • MLLSD Arc
    • Nina is severely reprimanded by Katyusha & Nonna for leaking intels to the enemy.[76]
    • Leopon Team after repairing all tanks, relax in their "drum bath" near the old clubs room buildings but forgot to take spare clothes. [77]
      • They tried their best to reach a safe place naked without being exposed but failed to do so and were on headline of Ooarai School's newspaper the next day.[77]
  • Anime Arc
    • The Tiger(P) is restored by The Automotive Club.[75]
    • Mallard & Rabbit Team scout the town in search of new tanks.[75]
    • With donations Turtle Team buys a "Hetzer Upgrade Kit".[75]
    • Nekota (gathering all her courage after a failed attempt) ask Miho to join Sensha-Dō team.[75]
      • She reveals the location of an abandoned tank in a parking lot.[75]
    • Newcomers join the team.[75]
    • Anglerfish and Turtle Team upgrade their tanks.[75]
    • August 10th: Saori obtain her Amateur Radio Operator License.[78]
    • Mako's Granny left the Hospital.[75]
    • Hana took part to an Ikebana exhibition in which she reconcile with her mother.[75]
    • All teams spend their last night before the Finals.[75]
      • Turtle Team goes to the "Cook Fan" to eat "Tankatsu".[75]
      • Anglerfish Team gather at Miho's place for dinner.[75]
        • Saori reveals that to her friends that she got (with Mako's help) her Amateur 2nd-class Radio Operator license (instead of a boyfriend as everyone thought).[75]
      • Duck Team play Volleyball.[75]
      • Hippo Team have a dinner on the Schoolship side.[75]
      • Leopon Team are fixing the Tiger(P) while Hoshino took care of food.[75]
      • Anteater Team is seen dining on their tank.[75]
      • Mallard Team is seen eating while Sodoko writing some school regulations on paper.[75]
      • Rabbit Team is seen watching war movie "Kelly's Heroes" while dining.[75]

Tournament - Finals

  • Anime Arc
    • Anchovy and Anzio girls arrive on site early at the morning to have a good places to watch the match.[79]
      • After an all night party, all Anzio girls fall asleep exhausted and will sleep during the entire match.[79]
    • Ooarai Schoolship docks in Shizuoka Prefecture and rally East Fiji Training Grounds by train.[75]
    • Taiga Ou from Ooarai Broadcast Club is seen covering the event.[75]
    • Miho is visited and encouraged by all her former rivals: Darjeeling, Orange Pekoe, Kay, Alisa, Naomi, Katyusha and Nonna.[75]
    • During the greetings Miho is harshly taunted by Erika.[75]
      • Koume Akaboshi reunited with Miho and thanks her for saving her life during the last finals.[75]
    • The match between Ooarai Girls High School & Kuromorimine Girls High School begins.[75][80]
      • The StuG is immmobilized... Anzio girls still sleeping.[79][80]
      • The Maus is immmobilized... Anzio girls still sleeping.[79][81]
      • The Tiger(P) is immmobilized... Anzio girls still sleeping.[79][81]
      • Ooarai eliminates Kuromorimine and win the tournament... Anzio girls finally wake up, but too late.[79][81]
    • Judge Kanon Sasagawa ask to switched by one of the other judges, fearing to not be impartial anymore as she is attached to Ooarai girls...[82]
      • ...only to find them crying in joy.[82]
    • Miho is acclaimed by all her team members (especially Anzu). Ooarai Girls High School won't close... for now.[81]
    • Sodoko erase all Mako's absences and late arrivals.[81]
    • Maho congratulates Miho for her victory and finding her style outside Nishizumi's one.[81]
    • Shiho Nishizumi applaudes for her daughter's victory.[81]
    • All the Sensha-Dō team parade in the streets of Ooarai and rejoins their Schoolship.[81]
  • MLLSD Arc
    • Hana and Saori try to offer Onigris to judges but are declined by head-judge Kanon Sasagawa fearing of bribeby.[64]

Anime & Film Interlude

  • MLLSD Arc
    • Kanon, Hibiki and Remi dining and drinking at Oji-san's booth.[64]
      • Hibiki and Remi share their stories playing Ooarai & Pravda kids.[64]
      • Kanon is frustrated that only Sensha-Dō tank girls became popular.[64]
      • Kanon imitates Captain Ami Chōno, only to find her appears during the impersonation.[64]
      • Ami finally retains the judges for an all-night drinking.[64]


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