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Hamada (浜田, Hamada) is one of the supporting characters in Girls und Panzer : Der Film.


Hamada is a student from Chi-Ha-Tan Academy seen in the movie. She operates a Type 97 Chi-Ha Shinhoto.


Hamada is a girl with dark brown hair tied in a low bun and blue eyes. She isn't seen very clearly in the movie, being in the background and appearing on screen for only a few seconds, but there is a closer view of her face in Motto Love-Love Sakusen Desu.


Nothing is revealed about Hamada's personality, except that she wanted to charge during the movie. However, her facial expression in the official art might indicate a soft and gentle personality.


Hamada in MLLSD


  • Hamada and Nagura are often mistaken for each other, even in official works.

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