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"We need to show the world the spirit of Chi-Ha-Tan!"
―Haru Tamada

Haru Tamada (玉田ハル, Tamada Haru) is is one of the supporting characters in Girls und Panzer : Der Film.


Haru is a student and one of the Chi-Ha-Tan Academy students seen in the movie. She's the commander of a Type 97 Chi-Ha Shinhoto.


Haru is an average-sized girl with long black hair tied in a braid with a white ribbon and a pair of reddish-brown eyes. Seems to have a significantly paler complexion compared to that of her teammates. She has thick eyebrows.

Usually seen wearing the Chi-Ha-Tan Senshado uniform and skirt. Also wears a samurai's kimono when practicing swordsmanship and meditation.


Nothing much is known about her personality, except for her impulsiveness and her tendency to lose her temper, especially when Chi-Ha-Tan's values are questioned. However, she has an enthusiastic and nice side behind it.

Tamada Angry

Getting mad at Fukuda for questioning the principles of the charge.

Despite being intent at charging at every opportunity, she is actually fairly competent at commanding her tank, surviving the ambush from Selection University and knocking out at least one Pershing tank.

Tends to be a strong traditionalist, believing in upholding Chi-Ha-Tan's ancient values and traditions, no matter how absurd they are in the modern day. Tamada literally flipped out at Fukuda when she questioned the idea of charging at the enemy, fully believing that Fukuda was looking down on the traditions of Chi-Ha-Tan. However, she was placated by Nishi's willingness to listen to Fukuda's plan.

She seems to have a tendency to take the lead, regardless of what her commander says : when she tells everyone to charge, they do it, and Nishi can't stop them, causing them to get shot.

Seems to be pretty good friends with Nishi, and appears to be Fukuda's mentor.



  • She seems to be able to sleep anywhere; in an official art piece, she falls asleep with her feet in the bath water, and in the credits in Der Film, she even sleeps lying down in the Chihatan train's floor, regardless of if she could be stepped on or not.
  • Her name may based on Japanese Tank Commander Yoshio Tamada.

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