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Hibiki Inatomi (稲富 ひびき Inatomi Hibiki), also known as C-ko, is a minor background character in Girls und Panzer. She has appeared in virtually every depicted Sensha-dō match, asides from Tankathalon matches.

Before she was named, she was referred to as C-ko (C-子) based on the information on her character sheet.


Remi Takashima is one of the three named judges sent by the Japanese Sensha-dō Federation in order to oversee matches on a high-school level. They are affiliated with the 63rd National High School Sensha-dō Tournament and the Commemorative Cup. As Tankathlon is not recognized by the Federation and doesn't have any specific set of rules, she is obviously not present for any of their matches.


Hibiki Inatomi has short black hair with dark blue eyes. During Sensha-dō matches, she wears the standard judges uniform with the accompanying gorget. When off duty with her co-workers, she has been seen wearing the Japanese Sensha-dō Federation jacket.


Like her two counterparts, Hibiki is serious to the point of comicality during matches, showing very little emotion and barely speaking (visibly) at all. This is most likely to maintain an appearance of being unbiased, in order to keep the judging professional, just and accurate. As with all of the judges, she possesses keen senses and a rigid moral compass.

Off duty and with her peers, she is notably much more whimsical and light hearten. She has on at least one occasion pranked the girls from Ooarai by pretending to be an umpire and making baseball calls, while they were watching her. She does not appear to hold much respect for their superior Ami Chōno, laughing to the point of tears during Kanon's impersonation of her.

In the web comic, it is shown that she uses the signal flags in order to converse with her judges about non-Sensha-dō related topics during matches. This is especially the case with Remi: figuring out where to go eat after the match.

Along with her fellow judges, she grew more and more attached to Ooarai as they proceeded through the championships. This culminated to her breaking into tears when Ooarai won the championships.


  • Uses "-pyon" as a verbal tick.


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