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"I'm Hosomi, nice to meet you!"
Hosomi (細見, Hosomi) is one of the supporting characters in Girls und Panzer : Der Film.


Hosomi is a student and one of the Chi-Ha-Tan Academy students seen in the movie. She's the commander of a Type 97 Chi-Ha.


Hosomi is an average-sized girl with brown hair and a pair of bright green eyes. Her hairstyle is rather odd as it's different from everyone else in the series.


Nothing much is known about Hosomi's personality, but she is quite passionate and even impulsive, like lots of girls from Chi-Ha-Tan. She's good at giving hints as shown in the Drama CD.


  • In Motto Love Love Sakusen Desu, Hosomi is shown to be someone who loves to cheer people up and is quite friendly, even a bit of an extrovert. She likes to trick people too by hiding a fake eyeball in her hair.
  • She appears to loves making jokes to her teammates by giving them her hairstyle while they sleeping.
  • When her hair is down, she isn't recognized at all.


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