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The Japan Sensha-Dō Federation (JSF) is the governing body for the martial art Sensha-Dō within Japan. It consists of three Leagues: the High School League, University League, and Pro League, all using the same principle set of rules.

The Federation also includes subordinate bodies such as the Strengthening Committee, and a committee (name unknown) which is empowered to approve or disapprove vehicles for sport use. It can be assumed the Federation also oversees industrial standards for vehicles, ammunition, fuel and equipment to ensure their safety and compliance with League and Federation rules, sending inspectors to ensure equipment sold at various Sensha-do stores are on par with their standards. They are also known to crack down on the selling of items for the purpose of Tankathalon matches.

Notable Federation Members

Shichiro Kodama - Director of the Japan Sensha-Dō Federation

Ami Chōno - member of the Strengthening Committee. High School League instructor, referee, and match announcer.

Shiho Nishizumi - Chairperson of the Pro League Committee.

Chiyo Shimada - head of the University Sensha-Dō team.


Head Judge (A): Kanon Sasagawa

Judge (B): Remi Takashima

Judge (C): Hibiki Inatomi

Talent Scouts

Kikuyo Idegami

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