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Jatkosota High School (Jatkosota is the Finnish name of the Continuation War) is a minor school in Girls und Panzer. It is mentioned in the Anime during OVA 6 and appears in Girls und Panzer der Film.


The school's early history is hard to decipher, as Finland as we know it didn't exist until 1917. But somehow there were things about royalty visiting and the like. After becoming independent, the future school wanted to help the new nation by establishing a trade network, and this meant creating a path to Finland from Hokkaido, through the North Polar Ice. Japan was not yet able to build a good enough Icebreaker vessel so they bought one from Finland. That ship would become the future schoolship.

The school has a mix of tanks from various nations, and they specialise in unthinkable modifications on these tanks. They have very accurate gunners and are invincible in the snow. (Reference to the deadly Finnish Sniper Simo Häyhä). On the other hand, in near tropical areas they are doomed...

Culturally the students have high endurance and enjoy solitude but put a lot of significance on friendships, considering friends to be like family.


Mika, Mikko, and Aki
Jatkosota has three known students of note:


Main article: Mika

She is the overall commander of the school. She always speaks very calmly and always brings her kantele (Finnish instrument) with her. She is also the commander & radio operator of the BT-42.


Main article: Aki

Little is known about her except that she is the gunner & loader of the BT-42.


Main article: Mikko

Little is known about her except that she is the driver of the BT-42. She's a very capable driver as she manages to drive the tank even after losing the tracks.


Main article: Rumi

She was a member of the school before integrating into Selection University.

Vehicles operated


Non-fighting vehicles


The school is mentioned only in a screen when the tournament's array is revealed, as Blue Division's first opponents. It's revealed in the supplemental material that the school was defeated by Kuromorimine in the quarter-finals. Mika is mentioned during the greetings in OVA 6.


Jatkosota is first seen witnessing Ooarai/Chi-ha in their Friendly match versus Pravda/St-Gloriana, but they did not actively participate. However the school joins "Ooarai Compound Team" in Team Dandelion where they had the task to distract the Pershing escort of the Karl-Gerät 040.


  • Their theme song is Säkkijärven Polkka, which Mika plays often on her kantele. An instrumental version of it is also played in the movie.
  • Despite being all females, all characters name (Mikko, Aki & Mika) are male but sounds female in Japanese. We don't know if it's delibarate or not. (Rumi - or rather, Rami - is also a male Finnish name. Another possibility is the Finnish female name Lumi.)
  • Although considered to be a generally weaker school than the other schools seen in the anime, there are multiple references to the Jatkosota Sensha-dō team's strength:
  • The school is mentioned to only be effective in snowy, winter conditions. Yet the BT-42 in Der Film nonetheless performs very well in a muddy, temperate environment.
  • As often schools are reflects of the country they represent during WW2, tanks fielded by Finland were composed of tanks stolen to Russians and lent by Germany, so we can assume that all tank fielded by Jatkosota are tanks lent by Kuromorimine for the Germans ones and tanks stolen to Pravda for Russians ones (there already have an episode with Pravda's KV-1).


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