The battle between Blue Division High School (bracket number 15) and Jatkosota High School (bracket number 16) was a match in the first round of the 63ʳᵈ National High School Sensha-dō Tournament. The match grounds comprised of wetlands, snowy fields, lakes and villages. A single path split the battlefield running from East to West. The match ended in a victory for Jatkosota High School.



While both teams had similar tanks, the snowy and muddy terrain gave the advantage to Jatkosota, who were comfortable with the terrain. On the other hand, Blue Division's speciality was a strengthened breakthrough, a tactic which would be heavily hampered by the match conditions.

Breakthrough Failure

Blue Division began the match by engaging along narrow path between snow and lakes with intention to break through Jatkosota's forces along a narrow front. Their Panzer IV and their StuG led the way using their firepower and thick front armor. However the snow impeded the Blue Division tanks and prevented them from building up the necessary speed to effect a breakthrough.

It's a Trap !!!

Jatkosota identified Blue Division tanks moving along the path, and Mika deployed her BT tanks in a double pincer movement; BT-5s to the north and BT-7s to the south. The flanking forces skirted around the lakes launched a two-pronged attack on Blue Division's rear.

Lost in Confusion

At the vanguard of the Blue Division column, Jatkosota's T-34s fanned out, the Panzer IV and Sturmi acting as a fixing force whilst the T-34s took the column under crossfire and BT tanks stormed their rearguard. Blue Division fell into panic as their front and rear collapsed, leaving the remaining tanks trapped in a corridor.

A Final Stand

Blue Division's remaining tanks tried in desperation to shield Jatkosota's flag tank, but it was in vain. Mika launched her entire force against them from two sides and Blue Division's flag tank was soon knocked out.


Mika made effective use of the terrain and exploited Blue Division's environmental disadvantage. Despite being unaccustomed to the terrain Blue Division nevertheless inflexibly adhered to their breakthrough doctrine, which resulted in their force's total destruction. Jatkosota would battle against Kuromorimine Girls High School during the quarter-finals.


  • Jatkosota's strategy during the match is similar to Finnish tactics during the Winter War where Finnish soldiers lured Russians into treacherous and unfamiliar terrain (forests...) in order to gain a tactical advantage. The Finnish doctrine was built around surrounding isolated Russian pockets and cutting their supply lines, then leaving them to be finished off by the harsh winter.
  • So far the choice of Blue Division's flag tank is a fan-based assumption.
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