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"Take your work seriously!"
―Kanon Sasagawa

Kanon Sasagawa (笹川カノン, Sasagawa Kanon) is a minor background character in Girls und Panzer. She has appeared in virtually every depicted Sensha-dō match, asides from Tankathlon matches for obvious reasons.

Before she was named, she was referred to as A-ko (A-子) based on the information on her character sheet.


Kanon Sasagawa is one of the three named judges sent by the Japanese Sensha-Dō Federation in order to oversee matches on a high-school level. They are affiliated with the 63rd National High School Sensha-dō Tournament and the Commemorative Cup as well as regional practice matches. As Tankathlon is not recognized by the Federation and doesn't have any specific set of rules, she is obviously not present for any of their matches.


Kanon is a medium size girl with short brown hair and pair of brown eyes, and wear a pair of spectacles. During Sensha-dō matches, she wears the standard judges uniform with the accompanying gorget. When off duty with her co-workers, she has been seen wearing the Japanese Sensha-dō Federation jacket.

When she removes her glasses, and styles her hair differently, Kanon bears a striking resemblance to her co-worker and superior: Instructor Ami Chōno. She constantly exploits this to her advantage by doing impressions of her boss behind Ami's back.


Like her two counterparts, Kanon is serious to the point of comicality during matches, showing very little emotion and speaking in an extremely professional manner, and only when performing her referee duties. This is most likely to maintain an appearance of unbiased, in order to keep the judging professional, just and accurate. In comparison with her two co-workers, she a determination to make things as unbiased as possible and an understanding of how certain situations can be seen in a negative light (i.e. receiving a boxed dinner from members of a school's Sensha-dō team could potentially be seen as bribery).

Off duty and with her peers, she loosens up a little but still retains much of her strict demeanor, chastising her co-workers when they act unprofessionally. She does not appear to hold much (if any) respect for her superior, Ami: constantly imitating her and making fun of the statements she makes.

During the course of the Championships, she found herself growing more and more attached to Ooarai. This culminated in her tearing up when Ooarai won the championships, and request that she be replaced with one of her counterparts to avoid being unbiased in her decision. Upon turning around however, she realized that her two counterparts were even worse off than she was, openly crying at Ooarai's victory.



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