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Koume Akaboshi (赤星 小梅, Akaboshi Koume) is one of the supporting characters in Girls und Panzer


Koume is a student from Kuromorimine Girls High School. During the 62nd National Tournament, in the last match before Pravda, her tank fell into a river. She almost lost her life in this event and was saved by Miho Nishizumi, who left the flag tank to rescue her, but Kuromorimine lost the finals, breaking their victory chain.

In Der Film, she operates a German Panther.


The 62nd National Tournament

She operates a Panzer III. During the final moments of the match her tank fell from a cliff where Miho decided to save her.

The 63rd National Tournament

Moments before the match begins, she appeared in a brief moment where she apologized to Miho about what happened during the 62nd National High School Sensha-dō Tournament.

Der Film

She operates a Panther tank and is included with the sunflower team along with different members of Kuromorimine, Pravda, and various Ooarai tanks. Her tank was eliminated by an explosion caused by Karl-Gerät's High explosive round.


Little Army Two

In Little Army II, she appears when girls from the Bellwall Academy Sensha-do team visit the Kuromorimine hangers, in a sloppy attempt at reconnaissance. After Sheska pushed Neko Yamamori, she appeared and chastised Sheska, claiming that if rumor got about that Kuromorimine got violent it would cause problems.

Unlike the rest of her compatriots who were vocal in their opinion of Bellwall leaving, Koume tried to reason with Bellwall: claiming that it would cause problems if they stayed, since their Captain was not around. She was successful in persuading the opposing team to return to their own hanger, but was unable to stop Sheska from confronting Emi Nakasuga. She witnessed Sheska explaining Emi's background, as well as Bellwall standing with their leader.

She is not seen again in the manga after the incident. Unless she got promoted to a different tank, she seems to be commanding one of the Panther's in the match against Bellwall.


Koume is an average-sized girl with short reddish-brown hair and a pair of dark blue eyes.


Koume is shown to be a sweet girl. As a caring person, she worried about whether Miho would still do Sensha-Dō after having had such a trauma. She blamed herself for the defeat and Miho's departure, feeling bad for what happened.


  • During the events of Little Army Two, it is uncertain if Koume is the new Vice-Commander or simply an upperclassman.
    • Sheska refers to her as Senpai, and when confronting Bellwall, she acts in a officious way, implying that she was responsible for the hanger while Erika was gone.
  • She is voiced by the same voice actress as Yoshiko Akiyama


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