The battle between St. Gloriana Girls High School (bracket number 10) and Kuromorimine Girls High School (bracket number 13) was a match in the semi-finals of the 63ʳᵈ National High School Sensha-dō Tournament. St. Gloriana had fought Yogurt Academy in the quarter-finals and Kuromorimine had fought Jatkosota High School. The match grounds comprised of desert, a hill and a waterfront. The match ended in a victory for Kuromorimine Girls High School.



This match's contestant are both familiar with the semi-finals. For St. Gloriana, Kuromorimine was probably their biggest rival, on their side Kuromorimine must make it to the final round to redeem themselves from their defeat during the last tournament facing Pravda.


Worst spy ever.

Just before the match Darjeeling send her "Master Spy" Assam scouting the Kuromorimine's ranks to have an overview of which tanks were fielded by Kuromorimine.

First moves

While Darjeeling advanced in column to head to their opponent. Maho on her side take full advantage of the flat open battlefield and open fire at 2400m beyond their effective range knocking off some Matildas.

Distraction & Reconnaissance

Darjeeling sent out the Nilgiri and her Cromwell which threw out a huge wall of dust that distracted Kuromorimine, permiting Crusaders to scout the area. Darjeeling finally learn the only thing she cared about: Kuromorimine's flag tank standing on the hill.

Flanking action


St. Glorianas Fierce Fight

A Kuromorimine flanking group composed of Panthers storm St. Gloriana's right flank. Darjeeling ordered her tanks to act as a bait and pinned down enemy tanks as long as possible and kept her Churchill away from battle. After some fierce fighting the flanking force was completly annihilated and the rest of Kuromorimine's tanks were kept busy by St. Gloriana tanks while their Captain sneaked up the hill to the enemy's flag tank.

Final actions

According to intels gathered by Assam, Darjeeling learn that after the former vice-commander transfered, Maho kept away her team as far as possible from her, so she deduced that the Tiger would be alone on the hill. However after the previous meeting against Panthers, the Churchill have only two APCBC rounds left.

Tiger vs. Churchill


Surprise !!!

Darjeeling used her Churchill's exceptionnal climbing ability to crest the ridge line to arrive behind the Tiger only to find out the 88mm cannon staring at her, fortunately a combination of both quick command and a good drive saw the shot bounce off the tank's mantlet. It's now a loader battle, Maho boasts that her loader could reload in 6 seconds but Orange Pekoe loaded her last round way quickier, Assam fired but missed the Tiger's turret ring by a little bit and saw the shell bounce off the front armor. After destroying the remnants of St. Gloriana's team, the rest of Kuromorimine tanks took out the Churchill in a spectacular volley.



Darjeeling salutes Maho

Even if she narrowly lost the match and her team has been annihilated, Darjeeling didn't feel any bitterness or sadness and greeted Maho with a graceful smile. If only Assam didn't miss her shot that would St. Gloriana that would face Ooarai in finals. Kuromorimine would fight their previous vice-commander team, Ooarai Girls High School, during the finals.


  • The battle's outcome is mentionned in Episode 8 when Katyusha gently taunt Darjeeling telling her "How ironic that you should lose this year against a team we crushed last year".
  • A German and British-themed team fighting in a desert environement near a waterfront would reminds the 1st Battle of El Alamein where the Desert Rats put a halt to Afrika Korps's progression in Egypt.
  • Ironically, the Kuromorimine Commander Maho Nishizumi's birthday, July 1st, is the same as the start of the 1st Battle of El Alamein in 1942.
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