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Leopon Team
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Leopon Team

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Tiger (P)

Leopon Team (レオポンさんチーム, Reopon-san Chīmu) is one of the teams of Ooarai Girls High School's Sensha-dou team, commanded by Nakajima, operates the Tiger (P) and one of the supporting protagonists's teams in Girls und Panzer.


Leopon Team consists of members of the automotive club from Ooarai Girls High School, which up to that point had meticolously done the restoration and the maintenance of the school's tanks. The team operates a German Tiger (P), which was accidentally found by Miho while searching for Saori and the rest of the Rabbit Team who had lost their way inside their ship city; after lenghty repairs, it was fixed and painted it with an image of a lion; Miho herself suggested to them that they could become the Tiger (P)'s crew. Together with Anteater Team, they became the last minute addition to Ooarai's lineup prior to the final round of the Sensha-dou tournament. 

About Tiger (P)Edit

The Tiger (P) is a German prototype heavy tank with a formidable 8.8cm KwK 36 L/56 gun; it has excellent firepower and armor protection, but it's very unreliable, often suffering from engine breakdowns. 

Against KuromorimineEdit

During the final match against Kuromorimine Girls High School, Ooarai's tanks managed to survive the initial attack by Kuromorimine's panzers and they gathered on the top of a hill, later successfully executing a breakthrough, with Leapon Team acting as the armoured spearhead. Although the tank's temperamental transmission threatened to catch fire, Leapon Team were able to make engine repairs whilst on the move. During the subsequent escape from Kuromormine's main force, while crossing a bridge, Leopon Team deliberately demolished it, forcing the opponent to take a different route and gaining critical time for Ooarai.

Upon reaching the city, Ooarai were lured by a lone Panzer III Ausf.J into a trap set by a super heavy tank, the Maus tank into the city. Leapon Team acted as a distraction, baiting the the Maus into turning its turret sideways so it could be locked in place by Duck Team. After the rest of Kuromorimine's tanks arrived Leopon Team acted as a rear guard for the Anglerfish Team. Miho managed to successfully lure Kuromorimine's flag tank, a Tiger I commanded by Maho Nishizumi, into a closed building complex for a one-on-one duel. Leopon Team used its tank's huge size to block the only entrance, preventing the rest of Kuromorimine's tanks from providing help for their commander. Although the Porsche Tiger was taken out after a lenghty battle, it's wreck still obstructed the path; thus it was critical for Ooarai's narrow victory in the match.

Against St. Gloriana - Pravda Compound Team Edit

As the match against the St. Gloriana - Pravda Compound Team moved into an urban environment, Leapon Team peeled off from the main force in an attempt to lure the Pravda tanks away from the flag tank. When Katyusha refused to take the bait, they instead moved to the OY-line, where they set up a defensive line to block the tanks chasing Anglerfish Team. After an extended firefight, they took a direct hit from Nonna's IS-2, which triggered the subsequent collapse of the OY-line.

Against Selection University Edit

Leapon Team started the match as part of Team Dandelion, where they engaged in fruitless long-range gunnery with Rumi Company's Pershings. Once the battle shifted to the theme park, Leapon Team, along with the other Ooarai tanks excepting the Panzer IV, acted as a mobile reserve. They were deployed first to the main gate, then redirected to the eastern utility gate after Miho realised the deception.

As Plan F took effect, Leapon Team was joined by Anteater Team and Katyusha in the T-34-85 in a high speed engagement through a wild-western setting. Just as Selection University tanks were about to close the trap on the Ooarai force, Leapon Team used the heavy weight of the tank to drive through the buildings, which were just theatre set constructs, suddenly changing the angle of attack and catching the surprised university tanks in the open.

Towards the end of the match, Leapon Team helped chase down the Bermuda Trio by using their tank to create a slipstream for their allies. Although the stress of Leapon team's turbo-charged boost surpassed the technical limits of the engine and caused the tank to fatally break down, their contribution allowed the otherwise slow Pravda and Kuromorimine tanks to catch the Bermuda Trio in a close ranged engagement and take one of them out.


Reopon Tiger P

Leave the Tank maintenance to us!

Leopon Team consists of four members of the automotive club from Ooarai Girls High School, which also provide maintenance for all of Ooarai's tanks.


Main Article Nakajima

The team's tank commander and radio operator.


Main Article Hoshino

The team's gunner.


Main Article Suzuki

The team's loader


Main Article Tsuchiya

The team's driver

Trivia Edit

  • None of the members of Leapon Team are ever depicted wearing the school uniform.
  • The names of Leapon Team's members are derived from famous Japanese racing drivers.
  • Leapon Team have a dream of entering into a Grand Prix.
  • Leapon Team takes care of the majority of post-match damage repair for Ooarai's tanks.
  • Although technically members of the Automotive Club, they are categorised alongside the other Sensha-dō members at Ooarai School's temporary transfer site.
  • Leapon Team initially crewed their tank to see if they could drift in it. As it turns out, they are very good at it, at one stage drifting the tank over 180 degrees around.
  • Leapon Team are the only Ooarai team that were not depicted as having trouble in initially learning to drive their tank.
  • The Tiger (P) carries the largest gun in the Ooarai Sensha-dō arsenal.
  • Despite the fact that the Tiger (P) is designed for a five-man crew, Leapon team operates the tank with only four members.
  • In reality, most Tiger (P) tanks had additional armour plating bolted onto the front. Although the automobile club mentions that they have done something similar for the Panzer IV, they have not done so for their own tank.


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