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The M22 Locust was an American-designed airmobile light tank which was produced during World War II and was only used by United knigdom.


The Light Tank (Airborne) M22, also known as the Locust, began development in late 1941 in response to a request by the British War Office to the American government earlier in the year for an airmobile light tank which could be transported onto a battlefield by glider to support British Airborne forces.

The prototype was designated the Light Tank T9 (Airborne), which had a crew of three and weighed 6.7 metric tons and was armed with a 37mm M6 Gun and a coaxial .30-06 Browning M1919A4 machine-gun, was build in May 1941, and was designed so that it could be transported underneath a Douglas C-54 Skymaster transport aircraft, although its dimensions also allowed it to fit inside a General Aircraft Hamilcar glider.

After a series of modifications were made to the initial prototype, production of the T9 began in April 1943. It was significantly delayed, however, when several faults were found with the tank's design. Marmon-Herrington only began to produce significant numbers of the T9 in late 1943 and early 1944, and by then the design was considered to be obsolete, only 830 were built (on 1900 planned) by the time production ended in February 1945. As a result, the Ordnance Department gave the tank the specification number M22 but no American combat units were equipped with it. However, the War Office believed that the tank would perform adequately despite its faults, so the tank was given the title of "Locust" and 260 were shipped to Great Britain under the Lend-Lease Act. Seventeen Locusts were received by the 6th Airborne Armoured Reconnaissance Regiment in late 1943, but mechanical problems led to the tanks being withdrawn in favour of the Tetrarchs previously used by the regiment.

In October 1944 however, the remaining Tetrarchs of the regiment were replaced by Locusts and eight were used during Operation Varsity in March 1945. The tanks did not perform well in action, several were damaged during the landing process and one was knocked out by a German self-propelled gun. Only two Locusts were able to reach their planned rendezvous point and go into action, occupying a piece of high ground along with an infantry company. The tanks were forced to withdraw from the position after several hours however, because they attracted artillery fire that caused the infantry to suffer heavy casualties. The Locust never saw active service with the British Army again and was classified as obsolete in 1946.

In Girls Und Panzer

Ribbon Warrior

The M22 Locust makes two appearances in the manga. First in a Tankathlon match opposing Centipede Team and the Flying Tankers Volunteer Group (unofficially supported by Saunders) using three Locusts lend by BC Freedom. Two of them are shot down by Shizuka, the first is ambush and the second is ram and take down, the third command by Alisa was saved when the Te-Ke was declared out of commission due to its sprocket wheel being ejected caused by the previous ram attack. The second fight involving a M22 Locust is the match between Centipede Team and BC Freedom where it act as Asparagus' flag tank. During the fight Shizuka's tankette disguised a R35 cause a fracture between BC and Freedom factions, Asparagus ask all of her tanks to turn on their light to identify the intruder, but acting like this reveals her position and was shot down by the Te-Ke.



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