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Maple High School is a Canadian-themed minor school in Girls und Panzer that appears only in supplemental material, did not participate in the Senshado Tournament.


Manzo Nagano was the first Japanese to immigrate to Canada in 1877. That was where the Canadian relations with Japan started. There was many other Japanese who moved to Canada since. Official embassy construction was done in 1889 and 1929. The focus of the embassy was the exchange of ideas concerning farming, forestry and culture.

A school was built to teach fishing specialising in the North Pacific ocean. Later an incomplete schoolship was purchased and a massive forest planned on top.

School has a very active Senshado club, specialising in mobile warfare. They use mostly cruiser tanks supported by some light tanks.

Vehicles operated



  • Could be named after the Canadian Flag (which include in Maple) and the Maple syrup which are two things that universally represent the Canada and their logo feature a moose, an animal that is often related to Canada.

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