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"This match is so one sided, it breaks my heart."
"I don't like fighting like a guerrilla. Let's regroup."
Megumi (メグミ, Megumi) is one of the supporting characters in Girls und Panzer: Der Film.


Megumi is one of Alice Shimada's three vice-commanders in the All-Star University team. She operates an American M26 Pershing with a red square marking on the front side.


Megumi is a tall girl with long dark brown hair and greyish blue eyes. She is usually seen wearing the Selection University Sensha-dō jacket and hat.


Little is known about her in the movie except that she seems to be very calm and that she is part of "Bermuda Trio" with Azumi and Rumi.

It is implied in the Drama CD that she was a student at Saunders Girls High School before going to University. Like her two teammates, she does not know how to cook, a "Hard-Drinking Party Girl", and crazy about the cuteness of her commander.


She is first seen along with her two teammates in Shermans observing Alice's training match.

During the match against the Ooarai Compound Team, she initially commanded a platoon of seven Pershings (including her tank), and one Chaffee. Alice assumed command of her company for the opening phase of the match, where they participated in the half-encirclement of Team Sunflower, acting as a fixing force.

After the battle shifted location to the theme park, the T28 Super-Heavy Tank was attached to the Megumi Company where it was used as the spearhead to force a breach through the eastern utility gate.

After Ooarai escape the encirclement at the amphitheatre, Megumi leads two Pershings (including her own), one Chaffee and the T28 in pursuit of a large Ooarai force, which comprised of most of the tanks from Saunders, St. Gloriana and Kuromorimine.

She is later seen with the "Bermuda Trio" taking out Saunders' tanks and taking out the Tiger II and T-34/85.

In the final showdown in the central plaza of the Theme park, her tank is knocked out by Maho after being knocked back by a swinging boat attraction set in motion by Maho.


  • All three of Selection University's Vice Commanders have names that end with "ミ" or "-mi"


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