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"That's against the school regulations!"
―Typical Sodoko word to rule breaker
―Typical Sodoko scolding.

Midoriko Sono (園 みどり子, Sono Midoriko), perhaps better known by her nickname, "Sodoko" (そど子) is the tank commander, radio operator, 47mm gunner and 47mm loader of the Mallard Team, and one of the supporting protagonists of Girls und Panzer.


Midoriko is a third year student from Ooarai Girls High School, and the leader of the Public Morals Committee. She's the commander, 47mm gunner/loader and radio operator of Mallard Team and she operates a French Char B1 bis.


Midoriko is a girl with a short black hair and a pair of black eyes.


Midoriko is well known for her strict personality, constantly reprimanding Mako Reizei for showing up late; she also becomes irritated whenever someone calls her by her nickname, Sodoko, and whenever Mako is up to her antics. Sometimes, she can be strict to the point of being very fastidious, especially when Mako is involved; however, in rare instances she has proven capable of ignoring the rules, to do the right thing and keep her promises.


Midoriko first appeared at the school's entrance, to check on the student's arrival; she commented on how Mako Reizei was constantly late, and how her good grades wouldn't save her if she kept arriving late.

Together with Moyoko Gotou and Nozomi Konparu, her closest collaborators in the Committee, she joined the Sensha-dō Team (and was given by Anzu her nickname, Sodoko, which she didn't like); they formed Mallard Team with their Char B1 bis. Midoriko from the beginning tried to impose her views on the Sensha-dō team (speaking against out-of-order clothing and makeup), but she was all but ignored.

After the Finals, she made a one-time concession and deleted all accounts of Mako being late so many times, practically saving her schoolyear, to which Mako answered with a rare outburst of emotion, much to Midoriko's embarrassment.


  • Her favorite flower is Water lily and her favorite tank is the British Chieftain tank.
  • Her personality is also reflected in her sleeping posture, as seen in the end credits of Der Film.
    • Lying on her back, tucked in and with her hands folded on her chest. Literally the way one is recommended to sleep.
  • Sodoko's nickname refers to the Biblical city of Sodom.
  • She has a younger sister.


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