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"Don't underestimate a BT-42 with Christie suspension!"

Mikko (ミッコ) is one of the supporting characters of Girls und Panzer der Film.


Mikko is a member of the Jatkosota High School and is the driver of a Finnish BT-42.


Mikko is an average height girl with reddish brown hair and a pair of brown eyes.


Little is shown about Mikko's personality except that she seems to be hot-blooded and a very skillful driver as she manages to drive the BT-42 without it's tracks by switching the levers with a driving wheel.


She first appears during the match of the Ooarai Compound Team against Selection University. Along with Aki & Mika in their BT-42, she helps the Hetzer, CV.33 & Type 89B taking off the Karl-Gerät 040 by distracting and disposing of its escort of three M26 Pershings. She is later seen to pilot the boat with Mika & Aki and doesn't stay until the end of match.


  • Like her teammates from Jatkosoka, she might be inspired in one of The Moomins, original Swedish Mumintrolls characters, with Mikko being Little My.


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