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Mikko (ミッコ) is one of the supporting characters of Girls und Panzer der Film.


Mikko is a member of the Jatkosota High School and is the driver of a Finnish BT-42.


Mikko is an average height girl with reddish brown hair and a pair of brown eyes.


Little is shown about Mikko's personality except that she seems to be hot-blooded and a very skillful driver as she manages to drive the BT-42 without it's tracks by switching the levers with a driving wheel.


She first appears during the match of the Ooarai Compound Team against University All-Star. Along with Aki & Mika in their BT-42, she helps the Hetzer, CV.33 & Type 89 taking off the Karl-Gerät by distracting and dispose of it's Pershings escort. She lately seen pilot the boat with Mika & Aki and doesn't stay until the end of match.


Like her teammates from Jatkosoka, she might be inspired in one of The Moomins, original Swedish Mumintrolls characters, with Mikko being Little My.


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