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Girls und Panzer: Motto Love Love Sakusen Desu! (ガールズ&パンツァー もっとラブ戦です!) is a spin-off manga adaptation of Girls und Panzer. The story revolves around the daily life of the girls from Sensha-dō academy outside of tankery.

Every main character and a number of side characters make an appearance. Many individual personality traits seldom seen or explored in the anime series are expanded on. The manga volumes follow a rough parallel chronology of the events in the anime arc.

The manga splits between the form of four cell manga (4-koma) strip collections or full-page manga stories spanning multiple chapters. Although the illustrations are typically in black and white, pages at the start of select chapters may be inked in colour.

Volume 1

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Anglerfish Team helps Miho recover from a cold, and get their first taste of Darjeeling's cooking. Ooarai's Sensha-dō club cleans the pool on a hot day. Katyusha has a brief encounter with Nonna's enigmatic Katyusha Diary.


  • Operation: More Rabu Rabu!
  • It's Pravda!
  • Summer in Ooarai!
  • More Summer in Ooarai!
  • It's St. Gloriana's Tea Time!

Volume 2

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The Public Morals Committee initiates a crackdown on school delinquency. Rival Sensha-dō commanders conduct a secret meeting on the topic of Ooarai. Saori forms a dieting club. Maho hosts a Christmas Party. Momo is murdered in cold blood. Darjeeling wins a trip to a private bathhouse. Miho and Erika get lost together in a foreign town. Yukari invites Miho out on a date.


  • The Autumn Week of Public Morals Control!
  • The Ooarai Girls Countermeasure Meeting!
  • Operation Diet!
  • It's Christmas!
  • The Murder Case of Ooarai Girls' 38(t) Loader!
  • The Noble Sisters' Steamy Trip!
  • Lost!
  • It's a Nice Day for a Date!

Volume 3

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Katyusha creates the Nonna Diary. Saki has a romantic encounter. Anzio students infiltrate Ooarai en masse. Katyusha builds a statue to celebrate the previous year's championship. Midoriko helps Maho get to school on time. Anglerfish Team has a photoshoot for the cover of Volume 1. The Sensha-dō match judges meet up for a drink after the final match. Leopon Team takes a break after a tough repair session.


  • The Nonna Diary!
  • Operation Confession!
  • It's the Conditions in Anzio! Part 1
  • It's the Conditions in Anzio! Part 2
  • Katyusha's Portrait!
  • Remako's Repayment of Gratitude!
  • The Making of Operation Rabu Rabu!
  • It's Judgement!
  • After Maintenance, It's Gotta be a Bath!

Volume 4

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Kay throws a Christmas party at Saunders. Kuromorimine celebrates Valentines Day. Pravda girls enjoy the winter snow. A colossal Araippe attacks Ooarai City. A cockroach occupies the M3 Lee. Darjeeling nurses a sick Orange Pekoe. Anchovy learns to swim. The St. Gloriana girls find a chibi Orange Pekoe, and Anchovy finds a chibi Pepperoni. A bonus tape shows the bloopers from Ooarai's amateur movie.


  • It's Christmas in Saunders!
  • Kuromorimine's Valentine!
  • Winter in Pravda!
  • It Came From the Sea
  • Retaking the M3!
  • A Visit from Darjeeling-sama!
  • Anchovy Swim!
  • Mini Pekoe!
  • The Movie Special: NG Outtakes Collection!
  • Mini Peppa!

Volume 5

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Yuzu and Momo have an argument. Hippo Team organises a ghost story evening. The Type 89B revolts. Nekota loses her memory. Shiho tries to get emotionally closer to her daughters.


  • The Yuzu/Momo Battle...
  • A Cool Midsummer Evening! It's a Ghost Story Meeting!
  • Run, Type 89!
  • Acting Like Me...?
  • Ah, Mother?

Volume 6

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Ooarai hosts a large collection of temporary transfer students. The girls at Chi-Ha-Tan Academy get up to their usual antics. Jatkosota's BT-42 team spend a night under the stars. Chiyo panics as Alice takes her first step towards leaving home. And the next story about Katyusha.


  • The Rivals are a Treasure!
  • We are the Chi-Ha-Tan Girls' Tank Club!
  • It's Midnight, Mika!
  • Ah, The Mothers' Side? Desu!
  • It's the Katyusha Diary ~ continue



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