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Girls und Panzer: Motto Love Love Sakusen Desu! (ガールズ&パンツァー もっとラブ戦です!) is a spin-off 4-koma manga adaptation of Girls und Panzer. The story revolves around the daily life of the girls from Sensha-do academy besides tankery. Every main character and a number of side characters make an appearance, with some of them having a funny moment during the series. Throughout this manga more personality traits could be developed.


Ooarai Girls High School

Anglerfish Team

  • Miho Nishizumi
  • Saori Takebe
  • Yukari Akiyama
  • Hana Isuzu
  • Mako Reizei

Turtle Team

  • Anzu Kadotani
  • Momo Kawashima
  • Yuzu Koyama

Duck Team

  • Noriko Isobe
  • Taeko Kondou
  • Shinobu Kawanishi
  • Akebi Sasaki

Hippo Team

  • Erwin
  • Caesar
  • Saemonza
  • Oryou

Rabbit Team

  • Azusa Sawa
  • Ayumi Yamagou
  • Saki Maruyama
  • Karina Sakaguchi
  • Yuuki Utsugi
  • Aya Oono

Mallard Team

  • Modoriko Sono
  • Moyoko Gotou
  • Nozomi Konparu

Anteater Team

  • Nekota
  • Momoga
  • Piyotan

Leopon Team

  • Nakajima
  • Hoshino
  • Suzuki
  • Tsuchiya


  • Taiga Ou

St. Gloriana Girls High School

Saunders Girls High School

Anzio Girls High School

Pravda Girls High School

Kuromorimine Girls High School

Chi-Ha-Tan Academy

Jatkosota High School

Selection University

Japanese Sensha-Dou Federation



Volume 1

  • Operation: More Rabu Rabu!

Title name reason: The girls from Ooarai try to help with Miho's sickness, ending up showing too much affection.

Summary: Presents some daily activities of the Anglerfish Team members, until Miho catches a cold and the five initial teams from the school try to help her feel and get better.

  • It is Pravda!

Name title reason: The daily life of Pravda's Sensha-dou Commander and Co-commander.

Summary: Focus on the close mother-daughter-like relationship between Katysha and Nonna. Also presents the Katyusha's diary, in which Nonna writes about Katyusha's daily cuteness, making the latter freak out as she experiences irrational fears of what could be written on it.

  • Summer in Ooarai!

"There are flowers here that grow nowhere else", - quotation from the anime

Name title reason: All Sensha-Dou team members get involved with summer activities, such as cleaning the pool to use them afterwards.

Summary: Presents the 1st year students, the Rabbit team and how they are likely to imitate their senpais. The Anglerfish Team tries to imitate Katyusha and Nonna's piggyback riding. Noriko has illusions due to her love for volleyball. All members from the Sensha-Dou team are ordered by Anzu to clean up the pool for the summer.

Special appearance: Alisa from Saunders appears in disguise, spying on Ooarai in return for Yukari's spying during the 63ʳᵈ National High School Sensha-dō Tournament.

  • More Summer in Ooarai!

Name title reason: Follows the prior chapter, with Alisa spying and the Ooarai girls playing at the pool.

Extended Summary: As the girls from Ooarai plays a game with each other, Alisa is able to take note of some strategy details from their Sensha-Dou team and references of the behavior in battle. In the pool play, Miho acted as the leader for Anglerfish Team, providing useful commands against the Rabbit Team leading them to victory, a mirror Miho's role on their Sensha-Dou team. In the pool play, Hippo Team members entered in the water with heavy historic battle outfits, which led them into toppling into the water from the weight, a reference to their first tank painting scheme that eliminated the Stug III's low profile advantage, giving the enemy an easy target. In the pool play, the Rabbit team played under their own rules, which is how they behave in the battlefield, as they have a weak tank against most of the enemies they face, like the Elephant and Pershing, they need to come up with creative tactics.

  • It's "The Teatime of Gloriana"!

Name title reason: The leisure time of the Sensha-Dou members of St. Gloriana Girls High School.

Summary: Follows the close relationship Darjeeling, Assam and Orange Pekoe have. As well Darjeeling's impulsiveness, such as going horse riding. Assam's coping with Darjeeling. Pekoe's social insecurity, which is relieved by her subconscious during sleep with dreams, or nightmares.

  • Servant Darjeeling!

"Welcome home, master. Do you know this saying? Do you want a dinner? A bath? Or perhaps... Darjeeling?" - quote from the Japanese pop culture modified by Darjeeling.

Name title reason: Darjeeling becomes a servant and invites Assam and Orange Pekoe over to her mansion to have dinner, although they didn't know why they were called over.

Summary: Darjeeling is known for being a terrible cooker, making her Co-Commanders apprehensive when they found out why they were called over to her house, being forced to eat the meals made specially for them. Right after they finish, the Anglerfish Team makes a visit, being forced to eat Darjeeling's food, with Assam and Pekoe also becoming servants to save the meeting.

Volume 2

  • It's the Autumn Week of Public Morals Control!

Name title reason: The Public Morals Committee - Mallard Team - decides to put some discipline over the Sensha-Dou club.

Summary: Sodoko, Gomoyo, and Pazomi decide to tighten the discipline, making members from all Sensha-Dou teams that are not fitting the school's rules dye their hairs, change clothes and remove accessories. However, they decide to make revenge for the abuse of power.

  • It's the Ooarai Girls Countermeasure Meeting!

Name title reason: Commanders and Co-Commanders from a few Sensha-Dou schools meet together to design a plan against Ooarai for the 64th National High School Sensha-Dou Tournament.

Summary: Kay, Katyusha, Nonna, Darjeeling and Anchovy gather together to find a way to win the next Sensha-Dou tournament. Meanwhile, the Rabbit Team is disguised spying on them. Darjeeling and Assam try to imitate Nonna and Katyusha's piggyback riding with Pekoe.

  • It's the Informal Social Gathering!

Name Title Reason: The Commanders and Co-Commanders continue their meeting and go for a walk after being kicked out of the tank restaurant.

Summary: With the appearance of Alisa and Naomi. The Commanders and Co-Commanders continue with an informal meeting, having something to eat, until St. Gloriana and Saunders try to imitate Nonna and Katyusha, ending up on disorganized and falling on the floor. Meanwhile, Anchovy is alone at the tank restaurant with a bandage on her hair (after being hit by Dragon Wagon throwed by Katyusha).

  • The Melancholy of Nina!

Name title reason: Nina's despair when she is about to receive her punishment for leaking Pravda's tank formation to the enemy.

Summary: Nina is called over on a room by Katyusha and Nonna, where they interrogate her regarding Nina leaking information to a spy during the semi-finals of the 63rd Tournament; when Alina confirmed the situation, Nina freeze on fear as she was about to receive her punishment, however Nonna convinces Katyusha to have some mercy.

  • Operation Diet!

Title name reason: A few girls from Ooarai's Sensha-Dou club decide to make a diet.

Summary: Saori, Yuzu, Akebi and Oryou decide to start the unofficial Ooarai's Girls Diet Club. Putting up too much strengthen, until they get way to thin, hallucinating with food.

  • It's Christmas!

Name title reason: Celebration of Christmas in Ooarai and Kuromorimine.

Summary: In Ooarai, the entire Sensha-Dou celebrates Christmas; and Hana's "birthday", as a reason to give her huge amounts of cake, as she eats a lot. In Kuromorimine, a very strict school, Maho, the overall commander of the school decides to make a special Christmas party for a few of her tank commanders, however, they misinterpret it and think it's a review meeting due to their performance in the finals of the 63ʳᵈ Sensha-dō Tournament. They are apprehensive and freak out when Erika enters the room dressed as a reindeer, say their punishment had just increased. They also received gifts from Ooarai, the most noticeable ones are the tank models the commanders from the Panzer III, Panther, Jagpanther and Maus received from their enemies.

  • The Murder Case of Ooarai Girls' Hetzer 38(t) Loader!

Name title reason: Momo is found unconscious inside Ooarai's Sensha-Dou Club hangar, so an investigation is implemented.

Summary: With all members inside the tanks hangar and Momo interpretedly dead, Anzu and Yuzu become investigators to find out who is the murder and how the crime was committed.

  • It's the Noble Sisters' Steamy Trip!

Name title reason: An outing of the St. Gloriana commanders to an on-sen (hot spring bath).

Summary: Darjeeling wins a trip to an on-sen in a lottery. Whilst using the facilities, Assam and Orange Pekoe discover her hidden talents and unbelievable luck across a variety of gaming platforms.

  • Lost!

Name title reason: Miho and Erika get lost in a town.

Summary: With both school ships docked on the same harbor, Miho and Erika got separated from their groups, as they were unable to make contact, they decided to make a detour to the ships, as they could see it from far distance, they had a meal and did some shopping. Meanwhile, Kuromorimine and Ooarai students confronted each other without their overall commanders around to calm down the situation.

  • It's a Nice Day for a Date!

Name title reason: Yukari makes the preparations to have a date with Miho

Summary: Yukari is preparing herself to go on a date with Miho, making hair and choosing a clothing.

Volume 3

  • The Image of Future Expectations!

Name title reason: Katyusha foresee her growth spur.

Summary: Katyusha imagines her as a grow up woman, with Nonna taking piggy back riding on her. However she gives up on the idea.

  • It's the Nonna Diary!

Name title reason: Katyusha creates the "Nonna's Diary" in response to the "Katyusha's Diary".

Summary: Katyusha decides to create a diary about Nonna's daily life, but to do so she needs to follow her daily routine, which proves to be quite adventurous, with park-our, high ground paths, angry dogs and long walks. After following her all day, Nonna finally stops to eat, Katyusha manages to join in, being revealed that Nonna took some pictures for her, more successful, diary.

  • Operation Confession!

Name title reason: Saori and the Rabbit Team plan an operation so Saki can confess to a guy she likes.

Summary: Saori illegally holds a romance class to the Rabbit Team members, until Saki says she may have fallen in love with a person she meets at a park periodically. Saki receives manner classes and learns how to proper smile. They arrange a meeting with the person, having the Panzer IV to back-up in case it's just a pervert, until they found out it's actually Shinobu.

  • It's the Anglerfish Festival War!

Name title reason: A manga style equivalent of the OVA format, following Anglerfish Team as they experience the Ooarai Anglerfish Festival.

Summary: Anglerfish Team explore the streets of Ooarai during the annual Anglerfish Festival. This year's celebrations make feature increased references to Sensha-Dõ due to the revival of the team and victory in the tournament.

  • It's the Conditions in Anzio! Part 1

Name title reason: Anzio struggles as many students want to transfer to Ooarai.

Summary: Anchovy loses reputation as many students want to transfer to Ooarai, including her Co-Commanders. As they go to the Ooarai ship, Carpaccio stays with Caezar, until she finds out the uniform Caesar gave to her is actually Oryou's uniform, slapping Caesar in the face. Pepperoni stays with the Duck team playing volleyball, until Duck notices they never saw her on the school and Pepperoni leaks she is an Anzio student, being chased by them after that. The other students stayed all over the school, until they realized Ooarai's pasta supply had ended. Momo was taken as Priosioner of War (POW) during their detour to Anzio Girls High School.

  • It's the Conditions in Anzio! Part 2

Name title reason: Anzio deals with the burnout of the current Duce, Anchovy and the rise of a new Duce, Momo.

Summary: Anchovy gives up on the Duce position due to many responsibilities and peer pressure while the POW Momo with a strong personality manages to grow on the ranks of Anzio, becoming the new Duce. Meanwhile, Ooarai Girls High School had broken into Anzio's ship, making a rescue raid operation to recover Momo, incidentally, Duck team, the rescue party, took Pepperoni as a POW and Caesar brought Carpaccio back with her to Ooarai.

  • Katyusha's Portrait!

Title name reason: Katyusha creates two statues on her honour and invite students from other schools to see it.

Summary: Katyusha makes two statues of her, one big and one small, whose the bigger one she plans to show to the overall commanders of other schools, however, Nina makes the statue fall into the ground. When Katyusha was about to purge her, students from Kuromorimine and Saunders arrive. They decide to show the small statue, whose Nina ends tripping on it.

  • It's Remako's Repayment of Gratitude!

Name title reason: Midoriko Sono makes a renewed effort to incite discipline into Mako Reizei.

Summary: Midoriko Sono tackles Mako's hypotensive fatigue head on by entering her house and forcefully hurrying her to reach school on time. The day-by-day maintenance of Mako's taxing mornings take their toll, however. One day, Sodoko dozes off at Mako's bedside, only to wake up and discover that Mako, in grateful repayment, has stood in for her role of preparing fresh clothes, breakfast and unfortunately for Sodoko, marking late attendees.

  • It's the Making-off Operation: More Rabu Rabu!

Title name reason: The making-off of a photo shooting with Sensha-Dou members.

Summary: The Sensha-Dou members from Ooarai, Pravda, Saunders, St. Gloriana and Ami get together for a promotional photo shooting for the Japan Sensha-Dou Federation.

  • This is Judgement!

Title name reason: The judges from high school Sensha-Dou matches have an after-match meeting.

Summary: The Sensha-Dou judges Kanon Sasagawa, Remi Takashima and Hibiki Inatomi gather together on a bar after a match to talk about work, things like how the Rabbit Team would perceive a judge as they are young, Nonna and Katyusha's friendship, Anzio's after match parties, how they almost mistakenly accepted a "bribe" from Ooarai Girls High School, the fact that there are no men on their work environment, until Kanon imitates and mocks Ami's 120% kill rate and Ami witnesses it.

  • After Maintenance, It's Gotta be a Bath!

Name title reason: The automotive club get a day-off and relax in their custom-made private spa.

Summary: Commending their work overtime in repairing the battle damage of the Sensha-Dou tanks, the Student Council give the members of the automobile club the day-off. They decide to take a spa in their own, special, private, drum baths that they built themselves behind the old clubhouses. However, they soon realize that in their haste they have forgotten to bring along towels and fresh clothes, which makes it more difficult than expected to get back to their rooms. In the anime, the girls from the initial five teams may have taken their clothes away, as they put it on a tank's cannon to dry.

Volume 4

  • Saunders!

Name title reason: Shows Saunder overall commander Kay.

Summary: Kay sends Ooarai a package with a hot girls calendar loaded with pictures of herself.

  • It's Christmas in Saunders!

Name title reason: Saunders celebration of Christmas.

Summary: Saunders Sensha-Dou team celebrates Christmas, playing an extreme prank on Alisa as the highlight. They recorded the prank and sent to Ooarai, making Miho and Saori quite shocked.

  • It's Valentine's in Schwarzwaldspitze!

Name title reason: The Valentine's Day on Kuromorimine, accompanied by a flashback.

Summary: The girls from Ooarai briefly exchange friendship chocolates, then Kuromorimine's overall commander Maho is seen receiving boxes loaded with chocolates, including one of her sister's. The tank commanders also receive tank models chocolates from the teams that destroyed them during the 63rd Sensha-dō finals, triggering multiple reactions on them. It also shows Erika and Miho as a Kuromorimine students trying to give chocolate to Maho during a Valentine's Day.

  • It's Winter in Pravda!

Name title reason: The girls from Pravda play out in the snow.

Summary: As it starts to snow and every Pravda students is out playing on the snow, Katyusha and Nonna finish their duties to go out and play too. They make a snow-Nonna, play snowball fight and make an igloo. Afterwards, Nonna and Katyusha take a bath together.

  • It Came from the Sea...

Name title reason: The title of a film made by Ooarai Sensha-Dou team to submit to the Saunders Film Festival.

Summary: Ooarai sends the film to St Gloriana for their amusement. In the film, a gigantic Araippe emerges from the sea and lays waste to the port of Ooarai in Godzilla-like fashion. Nishizumi Miho rallies the five original members of the Sensha-Dou club to fight back in "Operation Wandaba", holding until Ami Chōno arrives along with the JGSDF. Although the Type 10 tanks outmatch Araippe, Rabbit Team reveals that the incursion is on account of its lost baby, which Saki Maruyama found on the beach the day before. With the return of the lost baby Araippe, both sides reach a peaceful conclusion.

  • Retaking the M3!

Name title reason: The M3 Lee is invaded by a cockroach, so the Rabbit Team works to kill it and recover the M3.

Summary: When Ooarai's Sensha-Dou training was about to start, the Rabbit Team was preparing to man up their tank when they found a cockroach. They decided they would kill it by themselves, making a sanitize raid operation to clean the tank and kill the cockroach.

  • A Visit from Darjeeling-sama!

Name title reason: Orange Pekoe catches a cold, so Darjeeling decides to go over her house and take care of her.

Summary: After Pekoe catching a cold and missing the Sensha-Dou training, Darjeeling decides to make a visit, however, she plans to dress like a nurse and cook for her, this time, an edible meal. Assam accompanies her to ensure she wouldn't cross any lines of normality.

  • It's Anchovy, Swim!

Name title reason: The girls from Anzio Girls High School decided to play on the pool, however, Anchovy doesn't know how to swim.

Summary: As the summer reaches Anzio, lot of students go the school carrier's Resort Facilities. Carpaccio and Pepperoni decide to teach Anchovy how to swim, making her drown a couple times and prank her.

  • Mini Pekoe!

Name title reason: A tiny, ultra-cute chibi version of Orange Pekoe comes to St Gloriana Girls High School.

Summary: Darjeeling and Assam run into a tiny version of Orange Pekoe, who claims to be her adoring cousin bringing her a bento box. The newcomer is met with praise and crowned Mini Pekoe. All this is a dream Orange Pekoe has after a concussion arises from Darjeeling's continued attempts to give her a piggyback. Unfortunately, whilst she is lighter, Mini Pekoe is afraid of heights.

  • It's the Movie's Special Collection of NG Outtakes!

Name title reason: Behind the scenes bloopers for the making-off of the film "It Came from the Sea..."

Summary: A second disk included in the package sent to St Gloriana reveals the bloopers in making the film. This further inspires Darjeeling to make a similar film, which is met by protests from her comrades. Off camera, whilst discussing with Karina the fun they've had making the film, Saki finds something on the shore...

  • I am Mako~!

Title name reason: Mako dreams of herself as a sleepy cat.

Summary: Mako has one of her weird dreams - although some of them are triggered by Saori - in which she is a cat, relaxing and playing with mini versions of students from St. Gloriana and Anzio, until Saori wakes her up and she is still reacting the dream.

  • Mini Peppa!

Name title reason: Anchovy meets a tiny version of Pepperoni.

Summary: Anchovy falls asleep, and is woken when her ponytail is roughly pulled by Mini Peppa. Scolding her off, Anchovy is immediately tugged from the other ponytail by what seems to be a little version of herself. The young girl, who breaks down into tears in the face of Anchovy's shock, is consoled as Anchovy teaches her how to be Anzio's Duce. This is still a dream: In the real world, Anchovy is still sleeping and Pepporoni tries in vain to wake her by tugging lightly on her ponytail.

Volume 5

  • The Yuzu vs. Momo Battle....?

Title name reason: Yuzu gets pissed off with Momo.

Summary: Momo gets nervous because of the big amount of work they were having on that specific day, she ends answering Yuzu back when she asks for a favor. Yuzu gets pissed off, which happens about once a year. Momo needs to find out what made her angry to reconcile.

  • It's a Cool Midsummer Evening's Ghost Story Meeting!

Name title reason: The members of Ooarai Sensha-Dou team gather for a ghost story meeting.

Summary: During a summer night, the girls tell and share horror stories and myths, such as a ghost inside the M3 Lee, an UFO at Kuromorimine and the Bigfoot seen by the Duck Team, however, none of them were as scary as Nekonya entering the room as Samara.

  • Run Type 89B!

Name title reason: The Duck is chased after "stealing" a bag full of money and kidnapping Moyoko.

Summary: The Duck was playing volleyball and resting, until Akebi finds a bag full of money. Moyoko witnessed the scene and was kidnapped. They ran away being chased by the Rabbit and Anglerfish Team, until everything is cleared that it was just a dramatization.

  • Acting Like Me...?
  • Ah~, Mother?

Name title reason: Shiho concludes she is failing on her parenthood, so she decides to make an overreacted change.

Summary: Shiho reads a book on how to get along with her daughters, however, she expressed her feelings on an extreme manner, with demonstrations of her Sensha-Dou skills, strong cuddling, unlimited credit card to Maho and excellent treatment for her daughters guests. She treats Miho the same way when she visited, making her confused as she wasn't expecting any good treatment.

  • The Rivals are a Treasure!

Name title reason: All Sensha-Dou schools that encountered Ooarai on Sensha-Dou matches make a friendly visit to their ship.

Summary: Everyone gather in Ooarai for a party, the non-Ooarai students spread over the school interacting with each other and the Ooarai's Sensha-Dou team members.

Volume 6

  • We are The Chi-Ha-Tan Girls Tank Club!

Name title reason: Presents the daily life of the Sensha-Dou members of Chi-Ha-Tan Girls High School Academy.

Summary: Several short 4komas showing the life routine, behavior and personality of the students. Noting the appraisal the overall commander Nishi receives and her lack of contemporary knowledge, Hosomi's uncommon hair style and Haru's ancient Japanese practices.

  • It's Midnight Mika!

Name tittle reason: Mika tells horror stories to Aki and Mikko.

Summary: The girls from Jatkosota Girls High School are on a desert island on their trip with unclear reasons, probably to look for tanks, preparing to sleep with Mika telling stories and using her kantele for realistic sound effects to scare the girls. They end up afraid and decided to sleep with Mika.

  • Ah, The Mothers' side? Desu!

Title name reason: Shiho Nishizumi and Chiyo talk about their motherhood.

Summary: Chiyo steams off as Alice is not mommy's little girl anymore as she is reaches teenage-hood, blaming the Bermuda Trio and Miho. They talk about their relationship with their daughters at younger age and exchange some pictures of their children. Shichiro Kodama makes a cameo saying he still has plans to shutdown Ooarai.


  • A running joke through the series is the extent to which the cover art of the manga is a dramatized, misrepresentative over-exaggeration relative to the content of the subject matter.


  • First volume Cover
  • Second volume Cover
  • Third volume Cover
  • Fourth volume Cover
  • Fifth volume Cover
  • Sixth volume Cover
  • Seventh volume Cover
  • Eighth volume cover

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