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"I will now explain the story that begins here. Thanks for your attention. Panty-shots are extremely forbidden! And there will be less tanks!"
―Yukari about MLLSD
Motto Love Love Sakusen Desu (MLLSD) Volume 1 is the first volume of the official spin-off series of same name.


MLLSD is an official spin-off manga based on the Girl und Panzer main series: the manga and anime, it is focused on showing the daily life of the girls that practice Sensha-Dou throughout their privacy, personalities, relationships, hidden abilities and skills. Students from all schools interact with each other on a more friendly manner and are closer, showing that commuting out of their school carriers is common and simple. It has no real Sensha-Dou action, but a lot of references about the matches, tanks, strategies and adversaries.


MLLSD 1 bases itself on the manga Girls und Panzer, the first anime season which is based on the manga, the It's the Anzio Battle OVA and the five short special OVAs. Excluding however characters and events that were only mentioned, such as Mika from Jatkosoka Girls High School.


Chronologically, MLLSD 1 takes place right after the 63ʳᵈ National High School Sensha-dō Tournament on several Sensha-dou schools that had a prominent whole on the main series, such as Ooarai Girls High School, Pravda Girls High School, St. Gloriana Girls High School and also a places, like the LeClerc Cafe, a recurring restaurant franchise seen in Girls und Panzer used for social gathering whose exact locations are unknown.


This the list of characters that appeared on MLLSD 1.

Ooarai Girls High School

Main article: Ooarai Girls High School

Anglerfish Team

Main article: Anglerfish Team
  • Miho Nishizumi
  • Saori Takebe
  • Yukari Akiyama
  • Hana Isuzu
  • Mako Reizei

Turtle Team

Main article: Turtle Team
  • Anzu Kadotani
  • Momo Kawashima
  • Yuzu Koyama

Duck Team

Main article: Duck Team
  • Noriko Isobe
  • Taeko Kondou
  • Shinobu Kawanishi
  • Akebi Sasaki

Hippo Team

Main article: Hippo Team
  • Erwin
  • Caesar
  • Saemonza
  • Oryou

Rabbit Team

Main article: Rabbit Team
  • Azusa Sawa
  • Ayumi Yamagou
  • Saki Maruyama
  • Karina Sakaguchi
  • Yuuki Utsugi
  • Aya Oono

Mallard Team

Main article: Mallard Team
  • Modoriko Sono
  • Moyoko Gotou
  • Nozomi Konparu

Anteater Team

Main article: Anteater Team
  • Nekota
  • Momoga
  • Piyotan

Leopon Team

Main article: Leopon Team
  • Nakajima
  • Hoshino
  • Suzuki
  • Tsuchiya


  • Taiga Ou

Pravda Girls High School

Main article: Pravda Girls High School

Saunders Girls High School

Main article: Saunders Girls High School

St. Gloriana Girls High School

Main article: St. Gloriana Girls High School



  • Operation: More Rabu Rabu!

Title: The girls from Ooarai try to help with Miho's sickness, ending up showing too much affection.

Summary: Presents some daily activities of the Anglerfish Team members, until Miho catches a cold and the five initial teams from the school try to help her feel and get better.

  • It is Pravda!

Title: The daily life of Pravda's Sensha-do Commander and Vice-commander.

Summary: Focus on the close mother-daughter-like relationship between Katyusha and Nonna. Also presents the Katyusha's diary, in which Nonna writes about Katyusha's daily cuteness, making the latter freak out as she experiences irrational fears of what could be written on it.

  • Summer in Ooarai!

"There are flowers here that grow nowhere else", - quotation from the anime

Title: All Sensha-Do team members get involved with summer activities, such as cleaning the pool to use them afterwards.

Summary: Presents the 1st year students, the Rabbit team and how they are likely to imitate their senpais. The Anglerfish Team tries to imitate Katyusha and Nonna's piggyback riding. Noriko has illusions due to her love for volleyball. All members from the Sensha-Dou team are ordered by Anzu to clean up the pool for the summer.

Special appearance: Alisa from Saunders appears in disguise, spying on Ooarai in return for Yukari's spying during the 63rd National High School Sensha-Dou Tournament.

  • More Summer in Ooarai!

Title: Follows the prior chapter, with Alisa spying and the Ooarai girls playing at the pool.

Extended Summary: As the girls from Ooarai plays a game with each other, Alisa is able to take note of some strategy details from their Sensha-Dou team and references of the behavior in battle. In the pool play, Miho acted as the leader for Anglerfish Team, providing useful commands against the Rabbit Team leading them to victory, a mirror Miho's role on their Sensha-Dou team. In the pool play, Hippo Team members entered in the water with heavy historic battle outfits, which led them into toppling into the water from the weight, a reference to their first tank painting scheme that eliminated the Stug III's low profile advantage, giving the enemy an easy target. In the pool play, the Rabbit team played under their own rules, which is how they behave in the battlefield, as they have a weak tank against most of the enemies they face, like the Elephant and Pershing, they need to come up with creative tactics.

  • It's "The Teatime of Gloriana"!

Title: The leisure time of the Sensha-Dou members of St. Gloriana Girls High School.

Summary: Follows the close relationship Darjeeling, Assam and Orange Pekoe have. As well Darjeeling's impulsiveness, such as going horse riding. Assam's coping with Darjeeling. Pekoe's social insecurity, which is relieved by her subconscious during sleep with dreams, or nightmares.

  • Servant Darjeeling!

"Welcome home, master. Do you know this saying? Do you want a dinner? A bath? Or perhaps... Darjeeling?" - quote from the Japanese pop culture modified by Darjeeling.

Title: Darjeeling becomes a servant and invites Assam and Orange Pekoe over to her mansion to have dinner, although they didn't know why they were called over.

Summary: Darjeeling is known for being a terrible cooker, making her Vice-Commanders apprehensive when they found out why they were called over to her house, being forced to eat the meals made specially for them. Right after they finish, the Anglerfish Team makes a visit, being forced to eat Darjeeling's food, with Assam and Pekoe also becoming servants to save the meeting.


  • Nii Maruko (Nanashirou Gorou) was commissioned to make MLLSD after Seisaku Linkai, the original writer of Girls und Panzer, saw his (extremely NSFW btw) doujinshi, Lovey-Dovey Panzer. He found it so hilarious, that he commissioned Maruko to begin publication of Motto Love Love Sakusen Desu, a comic strip that would explore the Girls und Panzer universe, albeit at a significantly more appropriate manner. Nii Maruko has gone on to also write and illustrate the MLLSD Web-version comics, greyscale 4-komas that are published on a weekly basis.
  • Several of the themes Maruko touched on in Lovey-Dovey Panzer are seen in his works, including Nonna literally babying Katyusha, Miho showing sings of having a bit of a broken childhood, Darjeeling being incredibly eccentric in actions and not just words, and the cast as a whole getting empty eyes when something incomprehensibly shocking happens.


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