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Moyoko Gotou (後藤 モヨ子, Gotou Moyoko, or ゴモヨ, Gomoyo) is the driver of the Mallard Team and one of the supporting protagonists of Girls und Panzer.


Moyoko is a second year student from Ooarai Girls High School. She's a member of the public morals committee. She's the driver of Mallard Team's Char B1 bis.


Not much is known about the personality of the public morals committee members (aside from their leader, Sodoko). However, both her and Pazomi have shown to be very quiet and obedient to their leader.


Moyoko is a girl with a medium black hair and a pair of black eyes.


  • Her favorite flower is Olive and her favorite tank is the British TOG2.
  • Her nickname refers to the Biblical city of Gomorrah.


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