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"She smiled. She must have come up with some amazing tactics!"
―Rukuriri & Nilgiri observing Assam elaborates jokes

Nilgiri is an secondary character in the anime.


Nilgiri is a student at St. Gloriana Girls Academy, as well as the tank commander for one of St. Gloriana's Matilda IIs. She has been served in the St. Gloriana training match against Ooarai in the anime. It is unknown if she command one of the Matilda in the first compound match.


Nilgiri is a girl of medium height, with brown eyes and brown hair tied in a crown braid. She has been seen wearing the St. Gloriana Sensha-dō uniform, and wears the school uniform outside of battle.


As she has nearly no screen time and no quote in the anime her personality is relatively unknown. In a MLLSD it is nod that she seems to admire Assam.


Nilgiri was first seen during the practice match against Ooarai, bowing to her opponents at the beginning of the match. She took part in the initial encirclement of the Ooarai tanks, and chased them into the city. Unfortunenately for her her tank is ambushed by the StuG III.

In the match against Yogurt her tank is immobilized by an unknown tank or SPG.

She was later seen in a MLLSD with Rukuriri observing Assam, believing she thinking about tactics, unaware that Assam instead elaborates lame jokes.


  • She was initially unnamed in the anime, but was later named.
  • Nilgiri is a type of tea from South West India.


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