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The first OVA episode "Water War" "Wōtā Wō" (ウォーター ウォー ! ) is a special episode aired on December 21, 2012. It takes place chronologically amidst the events of Episode 5.


At the end of a training session, the school council announces their intention to take the Sensha-dō club to the beach. This is met by great enthusiasm from everyone except Miho Nishizumi, who does not own a swimsuit, and Mako Reizei, who has only a school-issued swimsuit. Upon hearing this, Anzu abruptly changes the outing to a shopping trip at a swimsuit mall.

The shopping trip is utter chaos. Anglerfish Team inundate Miho with their indecision. Miho eventually helps everybody choose a swimsuit, but forgets to buy one for herself in the process. However, Yukari Akiyama anticipated that eventuality, and bought one for Miho, having memorised her dimensions from when the Sensha-dō uniforms were fitted in Episode 5.

On the day, the Panzer IV is mocked up as a mobile drinks kiosk and driven down to the beach. The girls all get a chance to show off their new swimsuits. Unfortunately, the day is ruined by a sudden downpour.


  • Miho Nishizumi evidently does not have a swimsuit issued by the school. This may be because she transferred into Ooarai Girls High School as a second-year student.
  • Yukari Akiyama states that an upcoming trend in the fashion industry is imitating 'tank features'.
  • Mako Reizei is initially unaware of the meaning of 'frilly' clothing.
  • Erwin buys a German swimsuit that is allegedly designed to dissolve in water. In the spin-off manga, Motto Love Love Sakusen Desu! that is exactly what happens whilst swimming in the public pool.
  • Given that the main deck of the school carrier is around 400m above sea level, the beach is supposedly artificial.
  • The ending sequence features Anglerfish Team riding their Panzer IV Ausf.D.


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