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The second OVA episode "Survival War!" "Sabaibaru Wō!" (サバイバル ウォー ! ) is a special episode aired on February 22, 2013. It takes place chronologically directly after the events of OVA 1.


In the intent of somehow furthering their Sensha-dō training, the Ooarai Sensha-dō girls are given free run of a camping ground organised exclusively for them by Ami Chōno. Having driven there in the Panzer IV, the girls change into swimsuits.

Tents are set up in a camping ground. The girls play in the river by the campsite. When the time comes to prepare dinner, Yukari Akiyama presents her collection of army rations, offering them up for anyone to try. Rabbit Team try to make a barbecue, but set the food on fire. Anzu Kadotani saves the meal, showcasing her excellent cooking skills.

After dinner, Anglerfish Team look at the stars, and thank the student council for taking them camping. The student council reveal that the park is not really a campsite, but a Sensha-dō training ground that they will be using for intensive training the next day.



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"Water War!"


"School Ship War!"

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