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The fifth OVA episode "Snow War!" "Sunō Wō!" (スノー ウォー ! ) is a special episode that aired on May 28, 2013. It takes place chronologically during the ceasefire in Episode 9.


Whilst the Ooarai Girls High School Sensha-dō team are cornered inside a church, Miho sends out scouts to perform reconnaissance of Pravda's positions. The episode follows the scouting run of Yukari Akiyama and Erwin.

Beginning their journey, Yukari and Erwin pass the time by singing 'Yuki no Shingun ', a Japanese Military Marching Tune. They walk until Erwin's feet begin to suffer from the cold temperatures, wherein they stop and Yukari unveils her survival gear that she carries around. Whilst Erwin's feet warm up, the two discuss the ways that soldiers from different world militaries keep themselves warm.

As they travel further, a heavy snowstorm hits, so Yukari and Erwin take shelter in a small cave. Whilst waiting out the blizzard, they talk about their equipment, and relish the first time they can use their army-paraphenalia in a real-life situation.

Back at the Ooarai camp, Miho Nishizumi worries sees the weather worsening and worries about the wellbeing of the scouts she has sent out. However, Saori Takebe and Hana Isuzu bring up Yukari's excellent survival skills and the safety gear that she always carries around with her. They also assure Miho that Mako Reizei, who is part of the other patrol group along with Midoriko Sono, is actually a very level-headed person, so the scouts should be perfectly safe.

Back out in the field, Yukari and Erwin leave the cave and head back towards the Ooarai position. En route, they locate the Pravda flag tank, a T-34/76, and the KV-2. Instead of taking the long way around, Yukari spots a set of Pravda commanders' jackets hanging outside a shack, and decides to break through.


Yukari and Erwin scouting out Pravda

Using the Pravda uniforms, Yukari and Erwin pose as upperclassmen and infiltrate the Pravda lines. Yukari meets with a Pravda first-year student named Nina, who is shovelling snow by the KV-2, and initiates some idle chatter. In the process of the discussions, Nina reveals that Katyusha is sleeping, and that the battle-plan for the KV-2 is to act as rearguard and ambush any Ooarai tanks that attempt to rush the T-34.

Yukari and Erwin bid farewell, escaping just before the more suspicious Alina appears out of the KV-2 asking who they are. As the snowstorm begins to pick up again, the two Ooarai girls arrive back at the church with their intelligence.

Characters Introduced

  • Nina (Seen on screen, not named)
  • Alina (Seen on screen, not named)



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"Banquet War!"

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