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The sixth OVA episodes "Banquet War!" "Enkai Wō" (エンカイ ウォー ! ) is a special episode aired on June 21, 2013. It takes place chronologically after the events of Episode 12.


The Ooarai Sensha-dō club convene at a function hall in Ooarai city to celebrate their victory in 63rd National High School Sensha-dō Tournament. The student council makes announcements and reads several congratulatory letters.

Quickly dispensing with formalities, the student council organises a team competition, dubbed the "Hidden Talent Contest", wherein each tank crew must put on a performance without resorting to their respective areas of expertise. Prizes are prepared, with 3rd place being lottery tickets, 2nd place being canteen coupons and 1st place being 100,000 yen worth of unspecified consumer goods.

Mallard Team goes first, using the identical Morals-Committee-regulation hairstyles of their members to perform illusions. Leopon Team does a magic show, with their grand finale being to 'convert' the Type 89B into a Tiger (P), which outrages members of Duck Team.

Anteater Team puts on an A Cappella song, but are booed off the stage for its musical inadequacy. Rabbit Team performs a gymnastics routine. Duck Team does imitations of the other characters. Hippo Team acts out a selection of scenes from the book Little Women, but repeatedly digress into historical content, and are hence disqualified.

Anglerfish Team carries out a performance as the 'Panzer 5', a power-ranger-style group defending Ooarai from the the clutches of the evil student council, until Anzu Kadotani gets over-competitive and hits back. Turtle Team does a performance of the ballet Swan Lake.

3rd place is awarded to Rabbit Team. 2nd place goes to Anglerfish Team. Finishing in 1st is the student council, a biased decision that is initially met by outrage, except that the grand prize is revealed to be 100,000 yen worth of sweet dried potatoes.

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"Snow War!"


"This is the Real Anzio Battle!"

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