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Ooarai Compound Team
United highschool team
Every tank joining the annihilation match

Commanding Officer

Miho Nishizumi

Number of tanks


Tanks' Nations

Britain, Finland, Germany, Italy, Japan, Soviet Union, USA.

The Ooarai compound team is a compound team commanded by Nishizumi Miho that fights against Selection University in an annihilation match that will decide whether Ooarai High School will really be closed or not.

This team is made of various Senshadou teams:

- Ooarai Girls High School

- Kuromorimine Girls High School

- St. Gloriana Girls High School

- Pravda Girls High School

- Saunders Girls High School

- Anzio Girls High School

- Chi-Ha-Tan Academy

- Jatkosota High School


At first, Ooarai was about to fight with only 8 tanks against 30 powerful tanks. Miho was somewhat confident about it, since she thought it would be a flag battle, but then, she learns, with the other members of the team, that it will be an annihilation match.

As she is still trying to find a plan when the battle is about to start, members of various schools come to join them (wearing Ooarai school's uniform, because they were temporarily transferred) with their tanks, first school was Kuromorimine, then Saunders, Pravda, St. Gloriana, Anzio, Jatkosota and finally Chi - Ha - Tan bringing the Ooarai number to 30. The Minister asks Chōno Ami if it is against the rules to bring up new contestants to a match about to begin, to which she replies that only the opponent commander can bring an objection to that. Alice Shimada, the commander of the Selection University team, says she has no problem with having new opponents. The main officers of the new Ooarai team then meet in a tent to discuss a plan and they decide to divide the team into three companies.


The team is divided into three companies during the match against Selection University.

Team Dandelion

Team Dandelion composes the right flank of the Ooarai Compound Team. On the wetlands, they become engaged in a long range duel with Selection University's Rumi Company, whilst being shelled by artillery.

Company Commander: Nishizumi Miho

Second-in-command: Darjeeling

Ooarai tanks: Pz IV, B1 bis, Porsche Tiger, Type 3, Type 89

St. Gloriana tanks: Churchill VII, Matilda, Crusader

Jatkosota tank: BT-42

Anzio tank: CV-33

Team Sunflower

Team Sunflower holds the centre of the Ooarai Compound Team's formation. At the beginning of the battle, they advance up to a commanding hilltop, but become encircled. Falling back whilst under enemy fire and artillery bombardment, most of their heavy tanks are lost covering the retreat.

Company Commander: Nishizumi Maho

Second-in-command: Katyusha

Ooarai tanks: StuG III, Hetzer

Kuromorimine tanks: Tiger, Tiger II, Panther (x2)

Pravda tanks: T-34-85 (x2), IS-2, KV-2

Team Morning Glory

Team Morning Glory comprises the left flank of the Ooarai Compound Team, moving into the dense woodlands on the left flank. They are attacked by Azumi Company, which eventually takes out two Chi-Ha-Tan tanks and breaks through their lines to attack the rear of Team Sunflower.

Company Commander: Kay

Second-in-command: Kinuyo Nishi

Ooarai tank: M3 Lee

Saunders tanks: M4, M4A1, Firefly

Chi-Ha-Tan tanks: Type 97 x5 (Original Version x3, ShinHoTo Variant x2), Type 95

Acorn Platoon

A special taskforce sent by Miho to find and destroy the enemy artillery. It is composed primarily of lighter, faster tanks.

Commander: Anchovy

Ooarai Tanks:Type 89, Hetzer

Anzio Tank: CV-33

Jatkosota Tank: BT-42


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