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"We must save our School!"
―Anzu Kadotani
Ooarai Girls High School (県立大洗女子学園) is one of the schools in Girls und Panzer. The school operates assorted World War Two tanks from many nations, including a German Panzerkampfwagen IV, a Czechoslovakian Panzerkampfwagen 38(t), a German Sturmgeschutz III Ausf.F, a Japanese Type 89B I-Go, a American M3 Lee, a French Char B1-Bis, a German Tiger (P), and a Japanese Type 3 Chi-Nu. All of the protagonists are students from Ooarai and members of its Sensha-dō team while divided into teams with their own respective tanks.


Ooarai Girls High School is a school originating from Ooarai Town, Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan.

The school is far smaller than other schools shown in the anime, and has lately been losing students. Ooarai's only notable feature, it's Sensha-dō club, was suspended many years ago for unknown reasons. Until the club's revival in the events of the anime series, the school had no overall focus and lacked any outstanding features. This, in addition to the fact that the school has been accumulating deficit for several years, places it at risk of closure at the hands of the Ministry of Education.

Ooarai Girls High School is the new school of the main protagonist Miho Nishizumi, who transferred in primarily because the school did not practice Sensha-dō. Its sensha-dō team had been long disbanded but was revived by Anzu Kadotani in a bid to avert the school's closure. The school's history of Sensha-dō has since faded into distant memory, to the point that few records remain of their exploits. Other clubs, such as the volleyball club, have also been recently disbanded as dictated necessary by budgetary constraints.

The school received high publicity in the year of the 63rd National High School Sensha-Dō Tournament. Its newly revived Sensha-dō club entered the tournament under the commander of Miho Nishizumi, a former Kuromorimine student and the central figure in a controversial incident in the previous year's tournament. Despite it's initial infamy, Ooarai Girls High School soon gained popular attention as its assorted collection of tanks defeated multiple Sensha-dō powerhouses, including the defending champions, claiming the championship despite having fought every match numerically disadvantaged with substandard equipment and inexperienced crew.

Following the 63rd National High School Sensha-Dō Tournament, the school developed close friendships with its other major Sensha-dō schools, and also became an inspiration for many other schools across the nation, creating a surge in Sensha-dō activity amongst minor schools, the result of which has dramatically elevated Ooarai's status within the MEXT department.


The standard Ooarai uniform consists of a white serafuku with a green trim and matching skirt. A black ribbon is worn. While not (usually) enforced, there is a recommended hairstyle of short hair dyed black. In reality the dress code is poorly policed, hence many students customise their uniforms with accessories, or constantly wear their club uniforms. Similarly, while the school provides students with a named, standard issue swimsuit, nobody outside of the Morals Committee has been shown wearing it, not even the Student Council.

Several Ooarai clubs are shown with their respective uniforms:

  • The Sensha-dō Club wear a dark blue jacket with a white and red trim, worn over a serafuku with a darker green colour scheme. High-topped climbing boots are also worn. Many members of the club accessorise their Sensha-dō uniforms as well.
  • The Volleyball Club have a high-collared white and red gym uniform with player numbers emblazoned on the front and back.
  • The Public Morals Committee, in addition to strictly following the dress code to the letter, wear a black armband denoting their club's name.
  • The Automobile Club wear a white singlet under full-length orange overalls and steel-capped boots.
  • The Media Club wear red armbands denoting their club's name.
  • Students practicing the electives of Misogi, Ikebana and Sencha-dō wear an appropriate robe or kimono.


Ooarai's Sensha-dō tactics are the most fluid of all the high schools, building flexibility into plans with the intention of capitalising on the specific weaknesses of different enemies. The overall weak arsenal of tanks leads to a large number of retreats on both a tactical and strategic level. The hallmark of Ooarai's commanders are their exceedingly unorthodox tactics.

During matches in a flag tank format, Ooarai's overall strategy is to isolate the enemy flag tank from most if not all of its support, eliminate its escorts and defeat it with local numerical superiority. This situation can be attained in a variety of ways, such as baiting with decoys, feints or counterintelligence. Ooarai's tactics require precise coordination between units and frequently place their own flag tank at risk of of enemy fire.

During matches in a total annihilation format, Ooarai doctrine is to scatter enemy forces and engage them in multiple independent skirmishes using self-sufficient detachments. It is within this myriad of smaller scale engagements where Ooarai commanders incorporate their own individual styles into the fight, refuting the prospect of a common school-wide strategy.


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Pre-63rd National Sensha-Dō Tournament

Against St. Gloriana

Against Maginot

63rd National Sensha-Dō Tournament

Against Saunders Prep

Against Anzio

Against Pravda

Against Kuromorimine

Post-63rd National Sensha-Dō Tournament

Commemorative Cup


Against St. Gloriana/Pravda

Against Selection University

Notable Members

Ooarai Student

This is our Sensha-dō!

The members of Ooarai Girls High School's Sensha-dō club are sorted into eight teams :

Anglerfish Team

Main Article: Anglerfish Team

Commanded by Miho Nishizumi, the Anglerfish Team (あんこうチーム Ankō Chīmu) comprises Miho and her friends. They operate a German Panzer IV Ausf.D, which is later converted to the F2 variant, and finally the H variant with spaced armour. The Anglerfish team was the most critical for the school's victory.

Turtle Team

Main Article: Turtle Team

Commanded by Anzu Kadotani, the Turtle Team (カメさんチーム Kame-san Chīmu) includes the leaders of the student council. They operate a German/Czech Panzer 38 (t), which is later converted to a Jagdpanzer 38 Hetzer (only called Hetzer in the anime).

Ooarai Carrier

Duck Team

Main Article: Duck Team

Commanded by Noriko Isobe, the Duck Team (アヒルさんチーム Ahiru-san Chīmu) consists of members of the volleyball team. They operate a Japanese Type 89 I-Go.

Hippo Team

Main Article: Hippo Team

Commanded by Erwin, the Hippo Team (カバさんチーム Kaba-san Chīmu) are so-called "history buffs" (歴女, reki-jo). They operate a German StuG. III Ausf.F.

Rabbit Team

Main Article: Rabbit Team

Commanded by Azusa Sawa, the Rabbit Team (ウサギさんチーム Usagi-san Chīmu) are group of first year students. They operate an American M3 Lee. This is often confused with the M3 Grant, which is a slight variant of the same tank, employed by British forces via lend-lease.

Mallard Team

Main Article: Mallard Team

Commanded by Midoriko Sono, the Mallard Team (カモさんチーム Kamo-san Chīmu) are three members of Ooarai's public morals committee. Joined the team midway through the tournament, before the Pravda match. They operate a French Char B1 bis .

Anteater Team

Main Article: Anteater Team

Commanded by Nekota, the Anteater Team (アリクイさんチーム Arikui-san Chīmu) are a group of three online gamers. They operate a Japanese Type-3 Chi-Nu. They only joined in time for the finals since the team was one of the last ones to join the Ooarai sensha-dō team.

Leopon Team

Main Article: Leopon Team

Commanded by Nakajima, the Leopon Team (レオポンさんチーム Reopon-san Chīmu) includes members of the automotive club. They operate a German Tiger (P), this team was one of the last ones to join the Ooarai sensha-dō team.



Tanks of Ooarai


  • PzKpfw IV Ausf.D (used from the beginning up to and including the Anzio match)
    • PzKpfw IV Ausf.F2 (converted from the Ausf.D, used in semi-finals against Pravda)
    • PzKpfw IV Ausf.H (converted from the Ausf.F2, used in final against Kuromorimine)

Borrowed Tanks

Non-fighting vehicles


  • The name Ooarai comes from the actual city of Ooarai in Japan. The town has since become aware of their highlight and tourism has been boosted because of the show.
    • The town is famous for its anglerfish (also known as monkfish) in real life, inspiring the dance and the name of their leading team.
  • Its logo is the kanji "Oo" (大) with the kanji for "arai" (洗) superimposed on top of it, stylised to resemble the Balkenkreuz (Bar Cross / Beam Cross) that served as the symbol of the Wehrmacht in WWII.
  • Ooarai was the first school that has been shown to employ tanks from more than one country, unlike the other competing schools that seem to focus on the tanks of a single nation.
  • Although it's not directly metioned, Ooarai Battle song is Sensha-dou Koushinkyoku! Panzer Vor!.
  • The academy ship is based on and is named after the Zuikaku, a Japanese aircraft fleet carrier of World War II which took part in the attack on Pearl Harbor and was later sunk on October 25th, 1944 during the battle of Leyte Gulf.
  • Ooarai's academy ship (Zuikaku) was shown to be a lot smaller than the one St Gloriana has (Ark Royal). But in real life, the Zuikaku was larger than the Ark Royal.
  • Ooarai was the school which has the least members participating in sensha-dō.
  • In the 9th Chapter of the spin-off manga Girls und Panzer: Ribbon Warrior, it is said that the Duck Team landed the most hits and was the most maneuverable amongst all.
  • It has been revealed in Chapter 9 of Girls und Panzer: Little Army Two that the Ooarai Girls High School lost to Jatkosota High School in the 2nd round of the Commemorative Cup Tournament.



  • Renault Char B1 Bis
  • Type 3 Chi-Nu
  • M3 Lee
  • Panzer IV Ausf. F2
  • Jagdpanzer 38(t) Hetzer
  • Panzer 38(t)
  • Panzer IV Ausf. D
  • VK 45.01 Porsche Tiger
  • Panzer IV Ausf. H
  • StuG III
  • Type 89B I-Go Otsu

Non-Fighting Vehicles

  • Daimler Dingo
  • Type 95 Kurogane
  • SdKfz 254


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