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Ooarai fall into Pravda's trap

Miho proposes a cautious approach to the match, but the other excited Ooarai crews overrule her, opting for an aggressive assault. Following a series of easy kills over the opposing team, Miho is struggling to keep her team under control. The Ooarai tanks rush forwards to attack Pravda's exposed flag tank, and in doing so, fall into a carefully prepared trap.

Back to the church

Pravda's ambush quickly surrounds the Ooarai forces and bombards them from all sides. The Ooarai tanks are forced to seek refuge in a large church. During the retreat, the main gun of the M3 Lee is destroyed, the Panzer IV's turret is jammed, and the StuG III gets its tracks blown off, but Anglerfish Team manages to push to crippled vehicle to safety. As the church threatens to collapse under enemy fire, the barrage suddenly stops.

Proposal for Surrender : NUUUTTS!!! & the Siege

Cease fire

Members of the Pravda Sensha-dō club approach under a ceasefire. Katyusha gives Miho three hours to surrender peacefully. Aware of the inherent dangers of fighting to the bitter end, Miho inclines towards accepting the offer to ensure the safety of her teammates. The Ooarai girls consider that making it as far as the semifinal is an achievement in itself. However, the student council vetoes the decision by revealing that unless Ooarai Girls High School win the championship, the school will be closed down.

Scouting is the best solution

Although the Ooarai girls are in despair at learning of their beloved school's imminent closure, Miho declares her wish to continue Sensha-dō with all her friends the following year. With the critically high stakes unveiled, the girls concur to fight to the bitter end. Repairs on the tanks get underway, and Yukari, Erwin, Mako and Midoriko perform reconnaissance of the Pravda siege positions. As Mako and Sodoko have excellent vision, they spot several tanks before being detected due to her dispute. While scouting Yukari and Erwin impersonate Pravda students and drain intels from Nina about the flag tank location.

Morale drops down ? Anglerfish dance is the solution

As the blizzard intensifies, Ooarai morale drops, as does their willpower to fight. To inspire the dispirited crews, Miho dances the Anglerfish Dance, and reinvigorates the Ooarai girls enough for them to join in. The ceasefire ends, and Ooarai rejects Katyusha's final surrender demand.

Breaking the Siege


Operation Jelly Jiggle, breaking Pravda's siege.

Having deliberately left a weak point in her siege in order to lure Ooarai into a kill zone, Katyusha is caught off guard when Ooarai punches right through the centre of the Pravda formation using ''Operation Jelly Jiggle''.

Turtle Team's zigzag attack

As Pravda struggles to rally, Turtle Team runs riot through the heavy tank lines whilst the rest of the Ooarai vehicles split off and escape the encirclement.


Nonna convices Turtle Team to end their rampage.

In search of the Flag tank

Nonna takes out the Pz. 38(t) and leads the charge in pursuit of the fleeing Ooarai forces. Mako's evasive manoeuvres are countered when Pravda uses tracer shells to light up the night sky. However, Anglerfish Team and Hippo Team use a ridge line evade detection by the Pravda tanks, and they double back to attack Pravda's flag tank.

Nonna's killing spree

The Pravda IS-2 catches up with the main force, and Nonna transfers into the gunner's seat, taking out Rabbit Team as they try to shield the flag tank, Duck Team's Type 89B. Back at the village, Yukari scales the church tower and locates the Pravda flag tank, a T-34/76. The Ooarai vehicles give chase, immobilising its KV-2 escort in the process.

The Final Shotdown

Nonna eliminates the Renault B1 bis and lines up for the shot at the Type 89B, whilst Miho realises that the Pravda flag tank is merely running in circles and sets up Hippo Team for an ambush. Hana uses the machine gun to coax the T-34/76 into the ambush lane wherein the buried, camouflaged StuG III lies in wait. The IS-2 and the StuG III fire at the same moment, and both flag tanks go up in smoke. The smoking, heavily damaged Type 89B limps into view, miraculously still operational after sustaining heavy damage, and the T-34 shows the white flag.


Ooarai vs Pravda - Immobilised Vehicles

Ooarai Girls High School GUP OoaraiSmall 9335 Pravda Girls High School GUP PravdaSmall 3053
Pz.Kpfw 38(t) Ausf.B/C GUP TurtleSmall 8241 knocked out by: T-34/85 GUP PravdaSmall 3053 T-34/76 GUP PravdaSmall 3053 knocked out by: Sturmgeschütz III Ausf.F GUP HippoSmall 5828
M3 Lee GUP RabbitSmall 3569 knocked out by: IS-2 GUP PravdaSmall 3053 T-34/76 GUP PravdaSmall 3053 knocked out by: Pz.Kpfw IV Ausf.F2 GUP AnglerfishSmall 2949
Renault B1 Bis GUP MallardSmall 437 knocked out by: IS-2 GUP PravdaSmall 3053 T-34/85 GUP PravdaSmall 3053 knocked out by: Sturmgeschütz III Ausf.F GUP HippoSmall 5828
- T-34/85 GUP PravdaSmall 3053 knocked out by: Pz.Kpfw 38(t) Ausf.B/C GUP TurtleSmall 8241
- T-34/85 GUP PravdaSmall 3053 knocked out by: Pz.Kpfw 38(t) Ausf.B/C GUP TurtleSmall 8241
- T-34/85 GUP PravdaSmall 3053 knocked out by: Pz.Kpfw 38(t) Ausf.B/C GUP TurtleSmall 8241
- KV-2 GUP PravdaSmall 3053 knocked out by: Pz.Kpfw IV Ausf.F2 GUP AnglerfishSmall 2949 & Sturmgeschütz III Ausf.F GUP HippoSmall 5828
- T-34/76 GUP PravdaSmall 3053🚩 knocked out by: Sturmgeschütz III Ausf.F GUP HippoSmall 5828

63rd Sensha-Dō Tournament
1st Round Viking vs KoalaPravda vs BonpleMaginot vs AnzioSaunders vs OoaraiBC Freedom vs St. GlorianaYogurt vs WaffleKuromorimine vs Chi-Ha-TanBlue Division vs Jatkosota
Quarters-finals Viking vs PravdaAnzio vs OoaraiSt. Gloriana vs YogurtKuromorimine vs Jatkosota
Semi-finals Pravda vs OoaraiSt. Gloriana vs Kuromorimine
Finals Ooarai vs Kuromorimine
All matchs in italic are yet untranslated.
Schools Eliminated in 1st Round Viking Fisheries High SchoolBonple High SchoolMaginot Girls' AcademySaunders Girls High SchoolBC Freedom High SchoolWaffle AcademyChi-Ha-Tan AcademyBlue Division High School
Schools Eliminated in Quarters-finals Viking Fisheries High SchoolAnzio Girls High SchoolYogurt AcademyJatkosota High School
Schools Eliminated in Semi-finals Pravda Girls High SchoolSt. Gloriana Girls High School
Schools Eliminated in Finals Kuromorimine Girls High School

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