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Operation Sneaky: Bait

After surveying their opponent, Team A deploys, and prepares to fire. The first shot doesn’t phase St. Gloriana, however they acquire the enemy position and attention. The goal is to lure St. Gloriana's tanks into a "kill zone" where the other Ooarai tanks waiting (Team D is playing cards, Team B is playing volley and is Team E resting on their tank).

Operation Sneaky: Failure

Despite Team A's best effort to lures St. Gloriana tanks in the ambush, Darjeeling expected this and Momo panics and foils the plan by giving the fire order too soon (making other tanks firing on the Panzer IV).

St. Gloriana form a pincer maneuver. Under heavy fire Team D panic and abandon their tank which will be shot down and Team E get their tracks blown off by a near miss.

Operation More Sneaks

With only Teams B and C to provide support, Team A commandeers a retaliatory attack. They retreat through the town, use the buildings as cover, Team C pull off a successful ambush on one Matilda but is then immobilized by a shot through a wooden barrier (Kakemonos on the tank negated their low profile). Team B also pulls off a successful ambush by distracting a St. Gloriana tank with an incoming lift while hiding in a underground parking lift raising just behind the tank and land a hit on the Matilda back fuel tank. Unfortunately for the Type 89B, their gun is too weak for the Matilda's armor and is taken down soon after.

One Tank Army

Now alone Team A have to struggle against four tanks and try to sow enemy tanks in the town before being cornered. Against all expectations Team E comes to rescue (after repairing their loose tread) and Momo misses all four tanks at point blank range, St. Gloriana makes short work of them. This gives them time to retreat from to a back alley and take down one of St. Gloriana tank on the process, Darjeeling commands a pursuit afterwards. Miho uses the blind corners to ambush the two remaining Matildas, but when they fire at the Churchill it takes minimal damage due to the heavy frontal and side armor.

Miho orders the Mako to turn around, drift and confront the Churchill. The two exchange fire and the Panzer IV waves the white flag after a smoke screen from the explosions. Thus, Ooarai Girls High School loses the exhibition match.


  • In the manga the Type 89B manage to take down the Matilda.


Ooarai vs St.Gloriana - Immobilised Vehicles

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