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Oryou (おりょう), her real name Takeko Nogami (野上 武子, Nogami Takeko), is the driver of the Hippo Team and one of the supporting protagonists of Girls und Panzer.


Oryou is a second year student from Ooarai Girls High School. She's a member of history buffs club or Reki-jo. She's the driver of Hippo Team.


Oryou is a short girl with midlength unruly black hair and a pair of midnight blue eyes. She wears red eyeglasses. Like Erwin, she tends to smile a lot although hers appears much less cocky.


Oryou is well known for her expertise on history of the Bakumatsu period. She's also fairly calm and, although having a kinda boyish and messy hairdo, she's still the most feminine of the Hippo Team (she's also the only member of the team whose nickname came from a woman).


  • Her nickname is based on Narasaki Ryou.
  • Her favorite flower is Myrtle and her favorite tank is the Japanese Type 97 Chi-Ha.
  • She is the only Ooarai student that wears a non-pleated skirt. However, in some scenes she appears with a pleated skirt, it's whether an edition blooper or changing on style.
  • A MLLSD 4koma heavily suggested that Oryou don't wear any underwear when Saori ask her & Saemonza if it's true that japanese women didn't wore underwear until recently, they confirm her that's true even in their favorites periods and they finish with a grin that tends to confirm Saori's belief.
  • Oryou's birthday is the November 15th, the same date in 1942 as the end of the Naval Battle of Guadalcanal.


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