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Other schools in Girls und Panzer (those not included in the original series that aired from 2012 to 2013, the 2014 OVA,) can be found either in the Manga or in the brief look at the tournament listing's in the original series. Their "nationality" can either be guessed by the origins of thier name, or be found in the aforementioned Manga. These schools are as follows:

Viking Marine High School (Norway)

Koala Forest Academy (Australia)

Bonple High School (Poland)

Maginot Girl's Academy (France)

BC Free Academy (Vichy France + Free French Forces)

Yogurt Academy (Bulgaria)

Waffle Academy (Belgium)

Chi-Ha-Tan Academy (Japan)

Blue Division High School (Spain)

Jatkosota High School (Finland)

[Information based on Manga as well as information regarding what is known about school ships is yet to be added]

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