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Panzerlied (in English; Panzer song) is a German World War Two song used by the German Wehrmacht's Panzer Divisions. It was composed in June 1933 by Oberleutnant Kurt Wiehle while on his way to Königsbrück.

Wiehle adapted a German sailor's song, writing lyrics more appropriate to the Panzerwaffe.

At the time, Germany was clandestinely developing an armored force in defiance of the Treaty of Versailles. The song could be considered as a reflection of the German re-armament, launched in the same time frame as the song was written. It has gained fame in the English-Speaking world due to its usage in the 1965 film Battle of the Bulge

In Girls und Panzer, this song (along with Erika) is used by Kuromorimine Girls High School.


Instrumental Original Version Battle of Bulge Version
Panzer Lied
Das Panzerlied


First Stanza

  • Ob's stürmt oder schneit, Ob die Sonne uns lacht.
  • Der Tag glühend heiß, Oder eiskalt die Nacht.
  • Bestaubt sind die Gesichter, Doch froh ist unser Sinn, Ja unser Sinn!
  • Es braust unser Panzer Im Sturmwind dahin!

Second Stanza

  • Mit donnernden Motoren Geschwind wie der Blitz 
  • Dem Feinde entgegen Im Panzer geschützt 
  • Voraus den Kameraden Im Kampf steh'n wir allein, Steh'n wir allein!
  • So stoßen wir tief In die feindlichen Reih'n!

Third Stanza

  • Wenn vor uns ein feindliches Heer dann erscheint 
  • Wird Vollgas gegeben Und ran an den Feind! 
  • Was gilt denn unser Leben Für unsres Reiches Heer? Ja Reiches Heer? 
  • Für Deutschland zu sterben Ist uns höchste Ehr.


Fourth Stanza

  • Mit Sperren und Minen Hält der Gegner uns auf 
  • Wir lachen darüber Und fahren nicht drauf.
  • Und droh'n vor uns Geschütze Versteckt im gelben Sand, Ja gelben Sand!
  • Wir suchen uns Wege Die keiner sonst fand.

Fifth Stanza

  • Und läßt uns im Stich Einst das treulose Glück 
  • Und kehren wir nicht mehr Zur Heimat zurück 
  • Trifft uns die Todeskugel Ruft uns das Schicksal ab, Ja Schicksal ab!
  • Dann wird uns der Panzer Ein ehernes Grab!


F​irst Stanza

  • If it storms or snows, or the sun smiles on us,
  • The day burning hot, or the icy cold of night.
  • Dusty are our faces, but happy is our mind, yes, our mind.
  • Then roar our tanks in the storm's wind.

Second Stanza

  • With thundering engines, as fast as lightning,
  • Towards the enemy, sheltered in the tank,
  • Ahead of our comrades, In the fight all alone, yes all alone!
  • So we push deep into the enemy lines! 

Third Stanza

  • When before us a hostile tank appears,
  • Full throttle is given and we close with the enemy.
  • What does our life matter but for the Reich's army? Yes, Reich's army.
  • To die for Germany is our highest honor.

Fourth Stanza

  • With obstacles and mines the foe blocks our path,
  • We laugh about it and don't drive upon them.
  • And the threat of cannons that are hidden in the yellow sand, yes, yellow sand
  • We search for ways, that no one else found.

Fifth Stanza

  • And if we are abandoned by treacherous luck,
  • And if we don't return home again,
  • If death's bullet finds us, and fate calls us away, yes, us away.
  • Then our tank shall become an honorable grave! 


  • The song was made famous in the 1965 war film Battle of the Bulge, where the filmmakers had the song repeat the first stanza 4 times, omitting the rest of the song (because of Nazi references).
    • For the anime, Panzerlied features an instrumental version of the song that also repeats the first stanza 4 times.
  • The Panzerlied is still sung in the Bundeswehr, the today German Army.
  • This song is also used by other countries such as Chile (With its own version).


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