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The battle between Pravda Girls High School (bracket number 3) and Bonple High School (bracket number 4) was a match in the first round of the 63rd National High School Sensha-dō Tournament. The match grounds comprised of a grassy hill overlooking a sunflower field. The match ended in a victory for Pravda Girls High School.



Even before starting, the match was quite unbalanced as Bonple had only light tanks, which were unable to pierce Pravda's heavy armour: Their only chance to succeed was to attack from point-blank range.

Sneaky Approach

Pravda began the match by moving forward in with what appeared to be a low level of situational awareness. As it seemed that she had yet to be spotted, Jajka saw an opportunity to make a stealthly approach on Pravda's flank. Bonple quickly spread out across the sunflower field and advanced at high speed towards their enemies to get within range for a surprise attack.

The Nightmare Begins

Once Bonple were 300 meters from the Pravda tanks, the previously inert Pravda vehicles tanks suddenly turned their turrets and unleashed hell upon Bonple, annihilating them one by one and leaving no enemy tanks operational. As the smoke cleared, the thirteen Bonple white flags rose from the Sunflower field.



Jajka vowed to have revenge for this humiliating defeat

The issue of the match was already set from the beginning. Additionnaly Pravda's seemingly low vigilance was a ruse from Katyusha, allowing Bonple tanks to advance unopposed into firing range and then trap them in the kill zone. This humiliating defeat for Bonple left Jajka with great bitterness and an immeasurable hatred toward Pravda. She would eventually find her revenge during a Tankathlon match against Pravda's Tankathlon branch, Katyusha's Volunteer Army. Pravda will fight Viking Fisheries High School during the quarter-finals.


  • So far the choice of Bonple's flag tank is a fan-based assumption. It seems to be the most logical choice.
  • This battle is seen (only the outcome) at the ending of Episode 6 where it shows a 7TPdw painfully raise its white flags in the Sunflower field with Pravda tanks in the background.
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