The battle between Pravda Girls High School (bracket number 3) and Viking Fisheries High School (bracket number 1) was a match in the quarter-finals of the 63rd National High School Sensha-dō Tournament. Pravda had fought Bonple High School in first round and Viking had fought Koala Forest High School. The match grounds consisted of an urban area surrounded by muddy terrain. The match ended in a victory for Pravda Girls High School.



In this match Pravda had both the material and environmental advantage. None of Viking's tanks could reliably compete toe-to-toe with Pravda's tanks, not to mention that Pravda also fielded their fearsome IS-2. The muddy terrain also benefited Pravda as their Russian tanks were well-designed for operating in deep mud, while Viking's German and French tanks were ill-suited towards such conditions.

Favourable Terrain

Both teams were well aware of potential impact of the terrain, and deployed accordingly. Pravda stayed on the muddy terrain attempting to lure Viking away from the city where they would be sitting ducks. In a similar vein, Viking were well aware that leaving the city would be a total disaster, and they hunkered down amongst the buildings trying to lure Pravda into the urban arena.

True Strength of the KV-2

Katyusha and Nonna had preempted Viking's strategy, and for this specific purpose Nina was ordered to bring her KV-2 to the front line. Assuming a firing position at a safe distance, the KV-2 commenced a high-explosive bombardment of the town. The KV-2's 152mm howitzer systematically reduced the town to rubble; any buildings Viking were using for cover and concealment were thus removed.


After KV-tan fulfilled his purpose, all T-34s and the IS-2 were committed to a frontal assault. Viking's tanks fiercely resisted the red wave, but the only significant return damage was inflicted by the Panzer III on some T-34s. By the time the dust settled, all Viking tanks had been rendered inoperable.


Pravda had once more demonstrated its crushing strength. Viking's strategy was heavily invested in exploiting the terrain advantages offered by urban combat, but Katuysha declined a potentially disadvantageous engagement and instead utilised her assets, specifically the KV-2, to reshape the battlefield in her favour. Pravda would fight Ooarai Girls High School during semi-finals.


  • In this match both schools are based on northern countries and familiarized with snowy grounds.
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