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Rin Matsukaze is the main protagonist of the manga spin-off Girls Und Panzer: Ribbon Warrior and the driver of the two-man "Centipede Team" Type 97 Te-Ke light tank, commanded by Shizuka Tsuruki. She also serves as the team's repairman: fixing and upgrading the Type 97.


Rin is a student attending Tatenashi High School and operates a Type 97 Te-Ke light tank as its Driver.

The news of Ooarai's victory over Saunders was big news on television, which caught Rin's attention. She continued to track Ooarai's progress throughout the tournament, rooting for them the entire way. Their victory over Kuromorimine caused her to become interested with Sensha-dō and follow in Miho's footsteps. She began investigating the possibility of joining her school's Sensha-dō club, but unfortunately for Rin, it had been disbanded over a decade ago. Fortunately, she was able to participate in Sensha-dō by teaming up with Shizuka Tsuruki and joining Tankathlon battles.

  • Being the team's mechanic, she also idolizes Leopon team and is a fan of Nakajima.


Rin is a girl with brown eyes and long, blonde hair. She is slightly taller than Shizuka.


Whilst often she appears to be easily flustered by Shizuka's rash decisions and somewhat discomforting method of command, she seems to know what she's doing most of the time. She wishes she knew what Shizuka is doing most of the time, however.


  • She has an attraction towards legs in general, even before she dreams about Shizuka.
    • Had a dream about becoming a horse named Matsukaze, who enjoyed being ridden on by Shizuka Tsuruki. Woke up to the realization that her time with Shizuka had turned her into a pervert.


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