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"A match has been organised - against the University Strengthened Team"
―Anzu Kadotani

Selection University is an undergraduate university for higher education in Girls und Panzer that appears in Girls und Panzer der Film. It is run by the Shimada Family. The school mainly operates late-war tanks and super heavy weaponry. It is notable for being the institution that selects and trains the University Strengthened Team in preparation for their graduation into the National Sensha-Dō League.


The university's Sensha-dō team is extremely of skilled, and is implied to practice selective admissions, with a student's Sensha-dō prowess taken as a measure. The university is responsible for selecting and raising the University Strengthened Team, a hand-picked team of the university's best Sensha-dō students that trains them at a semi-professional level, preparing them to be integrated into the national adult team once they graduate. Their current commander is Alice Shimada, the heir to the house of the Shimada style, which is a rival to the Nishizumi house.

They have a unique range of vehicles at their disposal ranging from Shermans and Panthers to large siege guns and superheavy tank destroyers. During the annihilation match, however, the majority of their tanks were tanks that would later see action in service of the United Nations during the Korean War.

Being a centre for tertiary level education, Selection University is based on land, as opposed to on a school ship, and is located somewhere near to Ooarai City. The students lodge in dormitories on campus.

As an entry point into Japan's national Sensha-dō team, the overwhelming focus of the university is on Sensha-dō training, and the elitist student pool makes it a highly competitive environment. Nonetheless, additional courses are still offered by the university, and students are given adequate free periods to spend at their leisure.

As an official branch of the Sensha-dō Federation, the university has access to high funding, sophisticated equipment and high priority with respect to Sensha-dō training and provision. They frequently display the logo of the Sensha-dō Federation alongside their school insignia.

The school is known to engage in exhibition matches with other institutions, such as the adult national team or, in one particular known case, a local high school.


The uniform in Selection University is comprised of a white collared shirt and black tie word under a long-sleeved jacket. The jacket, shorts and boots follow the olive green theme, as does the beret, which also features the logo of the National Sensha-dō Federation. A dark green vest is worn over the jacket.

Despite being a centre for higher education representative of the Sensha-dō Federation, the dress code is not as strictly policed as in some high schools.


Selection University fights according to the Shimada Style, a rival practice to the Nishizumi Style, which favours fluidity of tactics and places emphasis on being unpredictable. The university operates primarily through the use of separate units that complete independent objectives as part of an integrated, cohesive overall strategy. These individual companies are assigned to frontline sub-commanders who direct their units on a tactical level, while the upper levels of command coordinate the various operational objectives towards accomplishing strategic goals.

A large part of the university's doctrine hinges upon interpretation of the enemy's strategy and adapting to counter it, hence the Sensha-dō force prefers not to fully engage until thorough reconnaissance of the opposition's deployment and movements has been conducted, and then to attack in a single, swift, coordinated strike. Similarly, the university also takes the extra effort to conceal its own strategies by hiding them behind feints or misleading behaviour.

Thanks to its commander, the university has adopted the Shimada Style, a "ninja" style that is designed around being unpredictable and entails the flexibility to rapidly alter entire strategies at a moment's notice. Selection University will usually attempt to out-position its opponents in a single decisive battle, such as a major breakthrough or encirclement.


Main article: Girls und Panzer der Film

In order to cancel the closure of Ooarai Girls High School, Anzu Kadotani signed a written agreement with Renta Tsuji, detailing that the school carrier would be reopened if Ooarai could defeat Selection University in a pro-league style match. In accordance with the default rules of professional level Sensha-dō, the match was to be an annihilation match with up to thirty tanks allowed on either team. Although Ooarai had only eight tanks in their arsenal at the start of the official match preparation time, a series of last minute transfers from other schools left them fielding a makeshift team of thirty tanks from various different high schools. Selection University fielded a Centurion Mk.I (A41), twenty-four M26 Pershing heavy tanks, three M24 Chaffee combat scouts, a Karl-Gerät 040 super-heavy self-propelled mortar and a T28 Super Heavy Tank.

At the beginning of the match, Selection University allowed their opponents to occupy the advantageous position of a central hill at the outset, instead engaging hard along the flanks. A breakthrough on the right flank let them perform a half encirclement to strike at the enemy rear, coordinated with a frontal attack from the central company, which was supported by artillery fire that prevented the Ooarai from fully exploiting the hilltop firing position. The university students routed the enemy tanks on the hill, inflicting heavy damage as they did so.

However, the university students then fell for a feint towards their command tank that caused them to leave their Karl-Gerät 040 exposed. A strike team of enemy light tanks destroyed the Karl and its escorts and escaped without taking further losses. The opposition subsequently disengaged and relocated to a theme park.

Selection University feinted towards the south gate, leaving a blocking force to occupy the enemy, then pushed through the east gate with the aid of the T-28 Super Heavy Tank. Heavy street-to-street fighting ensued, but with the aid of a secondary force inserted through the western gate, the university students encircled most of the enemy forces in a kill zone. Unfortunately, an unexpected distracted disrupted the final attack, and allowed the encircled force to escape and scatter.

The battle lines thus dissolved into a multitude of small-scale running battles that chipped away at the university's numbers until Alice Shimada personally took to the field in her Centurion command tank. Although many vehicles, including the T28, were immobilised in the fighting, Alice and her sub-commanders in the Bermuda Trio were able to turn the tide and destroy all but two of the enemy tanks. In a final clash in the plaza at the centre of the park, the remaining university students fought and were eventually defeated by Ooarai's Miho and Maho Nishizumi in a very close showdown.

Notable Members

Selection University has four students of note:

Alice Shimada

Main article: Alice Shimada

The overall commander of the Selection University's Sensha-dō team. She is a young prodigy who has skipped many grades in order to attend the university at a young age. She is the daughter of Chiyo Shimada and the heir to the Shimada Style. Outside of Sensha-dō, she is a fan of Boko. She commands a Centurion Mk.I (A41).

The Bermuda Trio


Main article: Azumi

Azumi is one of Alice's three lieutenants and part of the Bermuda Trio. Before attending University she was a member of BC Freedom High School. She commands an M26 Pershing, identifiable by a yellow diamond on the mudflap.


Main article: Megumi

Megumi is one of Alice's three lieutenants and part of the Bermuda Trio. Before attending University she was a member of Saunders Girls High School. She commands an M26 Pershing, identifiable by a red square on the mudflap.


Main article: Rumi

Rumi is one of Alice's three lieutenants and part of the Bermuda Trio. Before attending University she was a member of Jatkosota High School. She commands an M26 Pershing, identifiable by a blue triangle on the mudflap.

Vehicles Operated


Non-fighting vehicles

Theme Music


  • Selection University are stated to have beaten the national adult team prior to the match against Ooarai Girls High School.
  • Selection University tanks are shown to use more advanced equipment than other schools, including smokescreens, camouflage netting, touchscreen strategic interfaces, digital visual displays and additional radio equipment.
  • Selection University are the only school known to use open-topped, self-propelled indirect-fire artillery. The use of this type of vehicle in Sensha-dō was approved just prior to the match against Ooarai Girls High School.
  • Selection University practice in an entirely different set of tanks to those they use in-match.
  • As Selection University is a centre for higher education, it does not make use of a school carrier. It's exact location is not specified, but Alice's visit to the Boko Museum implies that it is close to Ooarai City.
  • Their theme song, When Johnny Comes Marching Home, is an instrumental version of a popular song from the American Civil War.
  • In the spin-off manga Motto Love Love Sakusen Desu! it is revealed that the university's students carry tracking devices in case of emergencies.


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